The ITZY→ Geolseude… idol brother · sister?


There will be no existence which the consolation becomes as much as the family in the difficult entertainment world. The family who it falls far near always than the attached members, still, inspires the feel where there seems to be the strong reinforcement unit so that so that where can don’t know. It gathered in the case in which 2 celebrities are born in the family which the endowed celebrity gene DNA holds. ◆ ‘heredity’ idol girl group eyes circle member Chaeyeon and ITZY (there is) member Chaeryeong the eyes circle Chaeyeon-ITZY Chaeryeong and beautiful face is the child born within a year of another sister with 2,001 formers in 2000. Chaeyeon appeared on the televising Mnet survivor program ‘the produce 48’ in 2018 and got in twelve people of final. After that, it debutted as the first album ‘COLOR*IZ’ at January 29th in 2018 and the entertainment world activity was started. Chaeryeong was determined as new girl group ITZY member which JYP entertainment launches in 2019. JYP entertainment revealed to be the plan to be opened the female group ITZY, that is the shoes, at last 21st and the group gave notice to be composed of the effeminacy, Ryuchin, Chaeryeong, rear, and foreknowledge. It appeared on SBS ‘K pop star season 5-, more, the last chance’ in 2013 and Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong gave notice of the face. At that time, the singer Chinyeong Park sees the stage of Chaeyeon Chaeryeong sister and ” Chaeyeon amount is equal to the rain and Chaeryeong amount is equal to seven. As to one people, chaeryeong saves that there is the power, the power and moderation and it restores the feeling. It danced together and thought that there will be lots to learn and it praised highly. ◆ Min, the girl is worm-eaten, ‘heredity’ idol girl group girl- wanna ratio Rina and singing ability is worm-eaten, it is the member Min (27) and wanna non-member Rina (29), moreover, the sister interval. The year 2,010 girl which the civilians knows was worm-eaten, it debutted as the debut album ‘Girl’ S Day Party # 1 ‘the sister Rina, in 2014, wanna rain first album the world of singers activity was started’ My Type’. Previously, Min child and Rina sister appear together on the Mnet variety program ‘your voice 4 steps Yeo’ in 2017 and sings the Geolseu part objection ‘Something’ song and decorates the joint stage. This day Rina proceeded with Min child who appeared as the mystery singer of the nickname called ‘the influential person sister of Min the girl is worm-eaten’ and appears surprisingly and stage and perfect incurred the surprise of the audiences. ◆ the circle earth Seaohn-distal Dongmyeong Sohn and ‘it is fresh’ brother idol Boy group circle earth (ONEUS) member Seaohn and distal (ONEWE) member Dongmyeong Sohn are between brother. The circle earth debut album ‘LIGHT US’ was put on sale at last ninth and Seaohn stepped the first step on the world of singers. It was Seaohn wanted on the telephone from the circle earth debut album commemoration of sale showcase “the brother prepared for the painkiller and one’s perfume for fear that it had a pain in the vitamin and head at my bed because it saw after the practice ended yesterday” to the load chamber at that time today again. It doesn’t worry because of rooting. Because I was more nervous, I did well not to be nervous, it did. It sent up to the garland and the brotherhood of was made a boast. Meantime, the debut misfires because Dongmyeong Sohn appeared on the televising Mnet survivor program ‘the produce 101 season 2’ in 2017 and the contest was started but it is unable to get in eleven people of final. Presently, it belonged to the distal, that is the launching schedule, freshly.
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