‘the standards eastern automatic computer is arrogant’ … ITZY foreknowledge and strong visual ‘eye contact’


The personal teaser of the girl group ITZY (there is) member foreknowledge, that is JYP entertainment, was revealed. JYP entertainment posted 2 images of the foreknowledge on 0 o’clock SNS channel and ITZY official homepage on 28th. Previously, JYP entertainment opens the member foreknowledge of the girl group ITZY, that is 5 groups, rear, Ryuchin, Chaeryeong, and effeminacy and shows the integer image. The photo center foreknowledge showed the strong sense of existence by the expression in which the red gloss prevails in the Hat pink tone background. In another teaser image, digest the both bunches and smell of the standards eastern automatic computer and arrogant atmosphere. It appeared on SBS music contest program ‘the Fan’ recently and the foreknowledge proved the potential as the excel singing ability and performance. The large-scale topic was gathered as much as it was the appearance in the first place of Portal site real-time search word ranking at that time. The group does iTZY which ‘the girl group reputable family’ JYP shows refreshingly after the WonderGirls, Miss A, and Tteuwaiseu have ‘ you’s needs all? There be. It is having the dignified meaning. It is expected to arm with ‘the girl crush’ charisma shooting the public taste and these are expected to hold the stage. ‘LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel’ of the bulletproof Boy Scouts and JTBC ‘the mix court lady’ and Chaeryeong has donated Ryuchin to SBS ‘3 K pop star’ and Mnet ‘the Sikseuttin and effeminacy the Mnet’ stray kids ‘ etc. besides the member foreknowledge. Here, it joined and 5 group ‘dream team’s were comprised. While the expectancy is high if the first albums of ITZY to keep the success story of the girl group reputable family JYP’, debut song, concept, and performance are tinged with any kind of color, JYP is planning to reveal the teasing contents and debut constant successively.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744154.htm, 2019/01/28 12:24:33]