Till the first shot ‘barbell’ blood red opening → ending kiss The real ‘X rated drama’


It had the nap of ‘the teenager impossibility of watching class’ drama dirty the actor Park Si-hoo and drama ‘barbell’ of Chang Huichin starring from the first broadcastings. While It became the covered with blood from the start, the aspects of the Minhoh Tae (the Kim Geehun) faced was spread in the first broadcasted TV CHOSUN drama ‘barbell’ (the script Soonwon Kwon Baksanguk · direction Yoon nature type) at last 27th afternoon. ‘barbell’ arranged the shock expansion which X rated drama Dap and image scale and time in the retrograde order and exceptive improved the degree of concentration. This day drama average audience rating (the Nielsen Korea standard and whole country charge furniture) recorded 3.5%, there was when the Chauhyeok (park Si-hoo) threw the caught cursing to the suddenness occurring on the way home from work subway with 1 from the time. It led the deceitful solution utilizing the legal knowledge. Moreover, even when volunteering for the legal team leader and rushing into the enemy camp, in order to destroy it was the elaborate nap keeping the trace the steps after. After that, when coming back to the status of the remains whom the Hoejang Tae (the Kim species classification) where there was after the multiple blades breathes while the helicopter fell, then Chauhyeok was devastated. However, it became to take care of the helicopter investigation of event. The speeding toward the revenge was again planned. One full number of personnel (the Chang Huichin) is the woman who gets to lose the hope by the life and stand on the edge of a precipice. An earnest desire person whom the wife is seen as if it helps most with the restaurant things which the friend manages after It becomes the wife of the one’s second son Minhoh Tae in the top star actress whether it is the launch an undertaking and enjoys the trivial hapiness but the real state is tired of the weight of the mean woman’s unpainted face of the double attitude of Minhoh Tae and launch an undertaking Moreover, the husband Minhoh Tae who knew to die after being missing lived and the husband came around. Then the Ssot child built the tear with being fed up instead of the joy of the fear. In this day broadcasting, ‘the stairs kiss’ ending where it informs the start of the tragic love before for the Chauhyeok and one garden was contained. It surrenders to one front of garden and the Ssot has a seat and it looks mournfully and the Chauhyeok following one garden which it witnesses to live and to die come back and is enveloped in the shock and runs to the hospital escape stair the Ssot wife hands the tear over the kiss of the consolation. Meantime, as to ‘barbell’, every week soil is broadcasted Sunday at 10:50 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744128.htm, 2019/01/28 09:37:41]