Also SBS? The Geumto drama wind spreading to the ground wave


The Geumto drama in the ground wave? The ground wave was changed. The change began to be imposed upon the formation adhered for a long time. The persimmon pole, tree pole, and weekend drama to were adhered so far. However, the new drama time zone including the Geumto drama, saturday drama, and etc. was made now and the various adventures were started. It is the era which the actor the manufacturer prefers the cable and end piece. The phase of the ground wave is not equal to the old days. It is the time to keep in step with the new flow now. SBS put up ‘the hot blood priest’ of this west wind starring to leave Kim as the first Geumto drama recently. The drama time zone which is new in the cable and end piece is opened up so far and the chisel sleeps for the popularity and it starts on a full scale. There is to KBS start the Geumto drama in the ground wave previously and organize with each season and catch popularity. Here, it joins and the real Geumto drama wind seems to confess to the ground wave in the future. It has the shape that goes to this so that SBS is able to make a success of the first Geumto drama. Open Jaebeom Park writer writing the ear noises mistake produces ‘whisper’ ‘punch’ back with the back giving this it will leave the actor steam which the acting ability is solid west wind, steam Seong germs, and the late which PD and ‘kim Gwajang’ ‘the god’s quiz’ series ‘ the exorcism doctor ‘ back who got together. Besides, it organizes in ‘the law of the jungle’ hour tramping the solidifying audition floor and the influence that doesn’t write seems to be gotten. There are expected to be quite the audiences which flow in while the audiences seeing ‘the law of the jungle’ get to see ‘the hot blood priest’. The interest is concentrated into the comic investigation pole in which the hot temperament Catholic priest (the person to leave Kim) and idiot detective (the steam Seong dividing equally) meets for the murder case and which starts the Eo zero transient prosperity criminal investigation cooperation if ‘the hot blood priest’ coming on February 15th for the first time is broadcasted can gather the success with the first Geumto drama of SBS. The Geumto drama ‘the Ppeurodyu corp’ ‘sound of heart’ ‘the confession couple’ etc. was previously exposed in KBS beginning with the Friday drama ‘spy’ in 2015. The grade to says be like that was unable to be mostly gained in the audience rating but it was hot in the topic of conversation. Presently, it is the situation where the Geumto drama doesn’t come out of ‘the confession couple’ lastly but while SBS opens the way again, it seems to have an effect on the ground wave. The general programming channels JTBC is organizing the various Geumto dramas beginning with ‘maids’ in 2014. The hour is changed into 11 o’clock since 2017 afternoon and JTBC entering the stable period is getting the large-scale love recently. ‘the Hissen woman robbing Sun’ ‘refined she’ ‘misty’ ‘the pretty sister buying the meal well’ ‘my id Kangnam beauty’ back pulls the huge popularity and the golden age is enjoyed and there is JTBC Geumto drama. Rather the TvN, that is the beginning of the Geumto drama, changed the direction to the weekend drama. The route the drama ‘chicago typewriter’ was transferred to the Saturday drama in 2017 lastly. Like this, while the cable and general programming channels are attempting the change on the formation, the interest is concentrated if the dying dramas can come back to life.
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