CGV Art House, on February 7th, ‘2,019 academy special exhibition’ opening


The major nominated work of U.S.A greatest award of best film Academy Awards is recovered to CGV Art House audience. On 29th, all Bahyeot CGV Art House holds the major nominated works of the 91 time Academy Awards coming (local time) of 2 months 24 days opens people ‘2,019 academy special exhibition’The movie, which can pay attention to CGV Art House Kyonghoh Kang operation division manager among the 91 time Academy Awards nominated work, that is the festival of ” world-class actor or actresses, to the domestic unreleased film again ‘it settles down as CGV Art House representative special exhibition’ academy special exhibition ‘ goes to this year abundant lineup for the audiences with the Chat child altogether, the Seukkeu the works of 15 volumesIt wished to meet in lean and told. The independence · art film dedicated tube CGV Art House is the regular special exhibition which gathers in the same place and which the academy special exhibition ‘ shows the Academy Awards major part nominated work and prize-winning work since 2012 every year. In this special exhibition, the movie of 15 volumes rising to the major part candidate including the 91 time Best Picture Academy Award, director’s award, man and woman main actor award, and etc. can be met. Show successively at 19 CGV Art House across the country from February 7th to March 6th during 4 weeks. The controversial pieces and non-opening works having the domestic release ahead can be met in advance. 91.the movie ‘ Deo favorite rising to the major 10 section candidate including the Best Picture Academy Award, director’s award, best original screenplay, best actress award, best supporting actress award, and etc: All strings the woman ‘ of the queen the eyes The documentary ‘ loose Leedeo Be Ginjeu bug drawing the movie ‘mary and queen Obeu Scottish’ drawing the competition structure of Scottish queen Mary Stewart (eolsya Sea Roneon) and Queen of England Elizabeth I (mago lobby) and life of the loose Leedeo Be Ginjeu bug appointed to the female Justice in the history of USA second opinion: I oppose, it can watch. 76. the movie ‘deo wipe’ of the actor Geulren Rojeu Kkeul who is being discussed as the powerful best actress award candidate after the Golden Glove best actress award reception in the Academy Awards, that is the 71 time Cannes Film Festival director’s award prize-winning work, ‘cry the cold’, and movie of the Dick Cheni the cross the USA vice-president biography movie ‘vice’ etc. 6 volume were ready. Besides, the movies gathering the hot interest from not only audience but also media and republic of literary critics can be again met in the screen at that time. Very: Show the new universe ‘ Mary Ppinseu Po returns ‘ etc. 9 volume. The special exhibition movies now playing at theater can buy successively in advance from this day through CGV homepage and mobile app. CGV Art House prepared pat, (Talk) program which can be listened to the comment of the film critic making the movement with the special exhibition movie watching. On February 7th, the movie ‘cry the cold’, on February 15th, the movie ‘ Deo favorite: CGV Apgujong can meet the woman ‘ of the queen in the Raibeuttok of the movement battle formation. As to the realtime live television, daegu Daejeon university avenue East Suwon Apgujong Yongdungpo shepherd boy letter picnic duck Incheon Ilsan Chunchon, and etc. progress altogether in 16 theatres with CGV riverside Kwangju terminal outlet. ‘cry the cold’ among the Raibeuttok movies now playing at theater on the movement battle formation, on the coming 31st, ‘ Deo favorite: The woman ‘ of the queen can buy in advance at CGV homepage and mobile app from February 8th.
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