‘extreme Job’ and stuff, with a cool gust. The comedy movie score


The performance symptom of the movie ‘extreme Job’ (the supervision Lee Byung-hun) Simsangchian. 3.5 million audiences through are broken in six days of unsealing and the new performance score of the comedy movie is recorded. The New Year holidays visiting the theater district a lot of the family is just around the corner and especially the expectation for the audience breakthrough is rising. ‘extreme Job’ ranking 3.53569 million accumulated audience according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result in six days of unsealing on 29th. While 397,204 audiences see on 28th day, the fast performance speed is displayed. ‘extreme Job’ formed the record which the successive generations 1 month maximum renews the number of spectator on 1st. Here, 3 million audiences through were broken in 2 million breakthroughs, 5 days and the various records of ‘gift from Room 7’ ‘suspicious she’ back successive generations comedy movie was changed in 1 million breakthroughs, 4 days. Besides, the movie ‘veteran’ (only 276) and premiere first share the accumulated number of spectator of ‘thieves’ (only 284) exceeds and the surprise with is given. ‘extreme Job’ is the comic investigation pole putting the talk which gets to take instantly the word of mouth with the good restaurant and in which the narcotic chicken which five Ibnang of narcotic team of the disorganizational crisis founds the stomach for the criminal syndicate sweeping gets wider. Lee Byung-hun director specialized in ‘twenty’ ‘the wind wind’ etc. comedy film made. Here, the synergy is caused while the actor has the acting ability Ryu Seongryong, this west wind, ferryboat Gyu, Idonghwi, and resonance lamp who add up the power. If the reason for popularity of ‘extreme Job’ can be said to be pointed out, unexpected it is the unfolding method which cannot get the gist and reaction. Here, it becomes more and more till the patentee ‘the sticky metabolism’ and evokes laughter. Previously, Lee Byung-hun director “the interest which twisted once more the situation which can be ordinary and in which it comes out there was trying to be restored” tell. The spectator can feel the different fun with the picture which seems to be commonplace and commonplace. Like this, ‘extreme Job’ which is burnt and is being the popularity is revealing the sign of N Gwanram Cha fever. N car seeing phenomenon occurs much usually in the movie who is the low-budget movies or mania. Even if ‘extreme Job’ is seen and it sees and, the fans are thanks to this created with the interesting development. Here, as much as the special with has been being taken aim, even if the cloth expects the audience, it seems to be good.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744231.htm, 2019/01/29 10:40:26]