‘kingdom’ Kim Sunghun supervision and “when it feels sorry, it blames of me” in the Gimhyejun acting ability dispute


In Netflix original series ‘kingdom’, while the rookie actor Gimhyejun playing a role of Queen character was seized by the acting ability dispute, the Kim Sunghun director expressed the sorry mind. The Kim Sunghun director blamed in the round interview which was the Jongno in Seoul on 28th and progresses in Samchong-dong somewhere on a series of dispute “it is unfortunate and has painful” about the Gimhyejun “the director had to protect and the fence has to be made. This hedge went wrong”. And “it feels sorry” didn’t forget the end. The Kingdom ‘ is 15, 16 century sir Joseon Asia first original series of Netflix with the background with the greed wrong for the human power, hunger of the people, and mystery thriller drama drawing the struggle history which confronts this and fights. The large-scale expectancy was gathered with the mutual understanding of ‘signal’ Eunhui Kim writer and ‘tunnel’ Kim Sunghun director from the opening to the public. And the actor general purport Korean translation of Chinese character Dona Bae Ryu Seongryong played an active part as the star. The drama, as to the same time was opened for the whole world on 25th. The panning poured into the acting of the rookie actor Gimhyejun who is Queen when being the daughter of the following favorable comment center phycology main part (the Ryu Seongryong). With respect to this, the sorry mind for the actor was expressed and ” Queen is the character do the growth which is trying to resemble the aspects of father. It seems to be not well expressed. It dialed to its own blame my blame ” who is the director.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744197.htm, 2019/01/29 00:00:02]