‘the Armor party’ life # passionate love # song jamboree # exo fan of ‘the morning yard’ Kim Yeonja


The singer Kim Yeonja appeared on ‘Achimmadang’ and ‘the Armor party’ life which it doesn’t yield to the age and it settles down was opened. The Kim Yeonja appeared on KBS 1TV ‘Achimmadang’ broadcasted in the morning on 29th. The anecdote, and etc. which gets to open the stage in ‘the song jamboree’ were revealed from the passionate love fact after ‘the Armor party’ reverse running. This day Kim Yeonja mentioned the sweetheart love passionately. The Kim Yeonja explained “the past Japan activity divorced at that time and it endured hardship” “the now has the meeting man. It didn’t get married yet but the will much and it is trustworthy”. The anecdote which the hit song ‘the Armor party’ gets to drive the wrong thanks to this with the exo fan told. The Kim Yeonja told “in KBS ‘ openconcert ‘, I took the image calling ‘ Armor party ‘ and the exo fans upgraded SNS. When it was EDM and while the young friends got to like, it became to become popular,” the thankfulness. Besides, when at the time decorating KBS ‘the song jamboree’ ending stage was recalled last year and ” casting came, it was startled all of a sudden. While the bulletproof Boy Scouts didn’t know the dancing Ji in the side because of concentrating when it wanted whether really I could go out, “***” sang, the appearance on the stage impression was said. Meantime, the Kim Yeonja mentioned the housekeeping called ‘the Armor party’ center ‘the age FALSE and mind, truly’. He, as to “there is the real age but it is living like 38 year old” told the wish.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744228.htm, 2019/01/29 10:24:08]