‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’ reason string doppelganger one’s younger brother appearance.”About ” the parents the center


In SBS variety program ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2- you my destiny’, the one’s real younger brother looking exactly like the actor reason string is revealed and the interest against is hit and there is. In ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’ broadcasted on 28th, the couple making the reason prefecture friendly relations with one’s neighbors, as to the appearance having the family New Year’s party was opened on the occasion of the New Year. The pro-government sister of the reason string attended among these. It was similar until the voice as well as the sister soaking the brother team which 2 year old is young than the reason prefecture and appearance and did to be everyone surprised. In the studio, when MC watched the video were surprised, then it told the reason string “2 year old was young and I raised like the daughter” “be deceived when the parent communicating by telephone sometimes due to the voice”. In this day broadcasting, the anecdote in which the reason string family opposed the marriage of Woori Cho was opened. It declares that Woori Cho will marry in 25 years old young ages with 7-year-old associative memory man. It did “when the bow coming for the first time, the dad was or the husband said as what” soaking the team “as to sister, the Tteut Eo ㅁ informed me”. The reason string managed its own brother than the parents more strictly. It revealed that reason string determined by the curfew at the time when the brother fell in love. After that, the Tteol Eo built the unexpected soaking the team truths. He revealed “every month is suggested to the company, it has made an excursion with the chapter” “the friends and 1 night said proceed on a journey to the sister on 2nd, the trip of the chapter and 2 on was left” far later and installed to be the families surprised.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744221.htm, 2019/01/29 09:17:33]