The Lee Jong-suk · aftershock device · Park Bo-gum ‘the swallowing south main part’s of the sisters


Is it to ‘younger man’ fever blow on TV? Recently, the actors appearing in the art drawn the adversary actress and romance are noticeable to the eyes. It was fresh and was refreshing. However, it gathered in the drama in which the actors the drive overflowing as the love appear. ◆ Lee Jong-suk and ‘the romance the bonus book’ actor Lee Jong-suk makes the romance of Nayeong Lee and warm sensibility. When being the genius writer among the pole, then Lee Jong-suk appear on the first broadcasted TvN new the Saturday drama ‘the romance the bonus book’ (the script sine feeling · direction mileage filial duty) at last 26th is resentful as the publishing company youngest editor-in-chief Eunhoh Cha. The charming person who Eunhoh Cha is cool-headed in the thing but who has the warm mind The struggle by oneself undergone in the process where the idol star author Eunhoh Cha (the Lee Jong-suk) of ‘the light end daughter’ (the career discontinuity woman) rostrum (the Nayeong Lee) of the high-spec and literary world makes the book together and ‘the romance the bonus book’ showing the followed romance like the bonus book Broadcast this drama presenting the anticipation which the cold winter heart is warm every week soil Sunday at 9 p.m. ◆ 2se the soul and older and younger Chemie is boasted and the aftershock device and ‘the man who It becomes the king’ actor aftershock device keeps time. The role torn down the leaving ship and tooth is undertaken and the aftershock device which is appeared on the drama ‘the man who It becomes the king’ (the script Kim Sondeok · direction Heewon Kim) which it is televising in TvN handles 2 roles by 1 person. ‘the man who It becomes the king’ is the story it holds (aftershock device) which it is more alike and which is due to be immense in the palace than the twins which in order to break away from the people who (aftershock device) which it tears down the king tooth has designs on its own life and which it starts. The aftershock device and 2se the soul boasts the unprecedented romance among the pole. The romance of one the woman Queen So luck torn down the leaving ship and tooth releases each fascination and the anticipation of the viewers is due to be derived. Unlike the existing drama, broadcast this drama which belches the other chemistry out in the fascination of the opposite poles which ‘the man who It becomes the king’ ‘the king true sphere’ and ‘the light pattern true sphere’ losing the peculiar structure spouts so that the romance of 2se cariopsis can be obvious every week month Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. ◆ Park Bo-gum and ‘boyfriend’ actor Park Bo-gum digested the romance which Hyegyo Song and heart is ardent. Park Bo-gum appeared on the TvN drama ‘boyfriend’ (the script Yeonga Yoo · direction shucked shellfish mistake) left the theater by 16 times on the 24th of last month and it was resentful as the Gimjinhyeok having the soul which was free and clear. Park Bo-gum spread the sad love jumping over Hyegyo Song playing a role of Suhyun who is unable to know the life which I select never once the flesh and age and social class among the drama. ‘boyfriend’ which is broadcasted while connecting 2 months showed the romance of Hyegyo Song Park Bo-gum begining with the accidental meeting like the dream attractively and earnestly and the audiences at were laughed. It cried. It was excited. After coming back to Korea, it gets to getting back together again by the representative in hotel and new employee and Hyegyo Song and Park Bo-gum having the accidental meeting during the drama in Cuba sprout the love.
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