The Minjinung · Yunsohui · Sungung Park.’The actor ‘ of which the brain is sexy


It acts well and the face has the actors even doing the studying well. The school years of the stars that passion for study which the time sleeping from the studying method written down till the joke of the teacher in the before test was the luxury overflows My high school and abbreviation of ‘mother’s friend’s son’ (mother’s friend’s son of which the university grade is shy just it doesn’t know When telling on the man meeting the perfect condition, it used mainly, it gathered in the past scholrships of the stars. ◆ The Minjinung and ‘this direction?’The Minjinung which the actor Minjinung graduated from the Korean National University of Arts, he appears in the TvN ‘the brain sexy Dae- Munjejeok man’ broadcasted with 28 with the day in the afternoon as the guest revealed the past career, that is the flood disaster which is peculiar from the school years. One which got the consecutive honor student award in 3 and the college passed this and care-of 1 Deung from in the honor student model in the high school student After that, minjinung revealed the studying method which “an hour for was slept from two weeks of examination period on the day and it studied” the passion for study overflown. Meantime, the strong secretary Chunghun Suh role of Hyun Bin was undertaken and Minjinung played an active part in the ended drama ‘the memory of the Alhambra’ as ‘the substitution not right since tiller’ at last 20th. Presently, minwoo iron role is undertaken in the movie ‘the horse Moi’ and the active performance activity is engaged. ◆ the science high school which the Yunsohui and ‘it will become Taehui Kim of the second’ actor Yoon ox is white from is graduated and it goes on to KAIST. All Bahyeot the meter which appears in the TvN ‘the life bar’ which at last 10th afternoon which Yoon ox is white is broadcasted as the close friend of Jaerim Song and gets to go on to KAIST It confessed “there was the Gareu height the man who was so pretty and is clever and the studying had to be done well and you did and got deeply affected and began to study the Harvard ‘ heart Taehui Kim who is the drama ‘ love story which the mother was televising at that time when It wanted to become ‘ entertainer when being young and doing eagerly” that this day Yoon ox is white. Besides, it has to memorize till the joke of “unconditionally ‘ all-in ‘ was done in the school hour” that Yoon ox which it appears on the TvN variety program ‘the field talk show taxi’ as the guest is white ” teacher. When it concentrated really and listened till the joke, studying later, because of coming into mind clearly, it could review effectually and the study method was introduced. ◆ Sungung Park and ’till the Judicial examination?’The actor Sungung Park is the Korea foreign language university law and native. It appeared on MBC variety program ‘knee-Drop Guru’ as the guest in the past and as to Sungung Park, the Tteol Eo placed the meter going on to the Korea foreign language university. This day He entered the Konkuk university molecule biology department after ” high school graduation. One grade of after was finished and it came back from the military, it was discharged from “***”, the father installed ‘there will not have to be the doctor or the lawyer one people Jjeum in the house’ and the College Scholarstic Ability Test was taken as the father wind. It was 91 student numbers and told untruthfully with 96 student numbers and entered the Department of Law and the originally was said. Moreover, it appeared on the KBS2 ‘entertainment Relay’ and confessed “when it had the Judicial examination studying one”. After that, ” Judicial examination was prepared but He was not happy. It was due to be not one in which instead of the father lives my life, it thought to had to do the work which is truly happy with “***” and it became to act in the university avenue in 2000, it explained.
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