‘the Munjejeok man’ Minjinung and care-of 1 the Deung → the Department of Law → the Korea National University Of Arts? …’The real mother’s friend’s son ‘


The unlike other people scholrship of the actor Minjinung is the topic. Minjinung was donated to the TvN ‘the brain sexy Dae- Munjejeok man’ broadcasted in the afternoon on 28th as the guest. This day MC Jeon Hyeonmoo introduced him “when interviewing, Minjinung was unable to study no good ‘ math particularly well with ‘ I hair and it said. It checked, the honor student award was gotten in this and one Deung of care-of in 3”. Minjinung introduced the studying method of the school years oneself the passion for study overflowing. As to He, “an hour for was slept from two weeks of examination period on the day and it studied” “the chapter 5 was made into front and back to be dark and 80 pages were all nearly memorized” “it deposited in my head as taken a picture” revealed the etc. care-of 1 Deung mystique. The grade which is superior with the high school for the whole 3 years was recorded and Minjinung went on to Dankook University Department of Law to the honor student model. However, after was given up and it entered the Korean National University of Arts. Meantime, it appears on MBC variety program ‘radio star’ in the past and Minjinung is revealed “originally Dankook University Department of Law was attended”. He revealed “it was the natural sciences and went to the liberal arts and was unable to read in being all the Chinese writing and it was difficult” “because of spreading the Chinese-Korean dictionary and reading the book, 4 hours of the part reading 15 pages were spent” the voluntary withdrawal reason.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744220.htm, 2019/01/29 09:37:40]