‘the room of Eunju’ Ryu Hyeyeong ” interregnum? The choice ” which the egg agar is for me


” interregnum? It was the process where it catches the center of my life up to. The actor Ryu Hyeyeong revealed the reason why it took the interregnum between the drama ‘1988 it answers’ and ‘the room of Eunju’. The cable channel Olive tuesday drama ‘the room of Eunju’ ended at last 22nd is the life DIY drama in which the self suspension from office daughter Simeun main part (the Ryu Hyeyeong) in which the life is arbitrarily twisted is awakened to the self interior design and which recovers the destroyed life. The various consideration which 20, thirties men including the employment, trace, life at work, relationship, and etc. experience was naturally melted up among the pole and the sympathy of the viewers was bought. Ryu Hyeyeong undertook the Simeun week role which it dedicated the body to the current work as the editorial designer all and worked and declared ‘the self suspension from office’ and visits the hapiness settled down through the self interior design. The character nature acting in the TvN drama ‘1988 it answers’ televised in 2015 about starring character taking charge in 3 years Ryu Hyeyeong explained the reason which didn’t do the face the sad fall season to the Braun tube frequently so far. ‘1988 it answers’ immediately after movie ‘metropolitan citizen’ (2016) wanted to be finished and it wants to have the idle time for some time. Ryu Hyeyeong who originally it is the place where the recognition was not high, explains that it became to receive the great interest from the public all of a sudden, the burden was felt. After that, if and then, the character of was played a role with the other arts while I didn’t know ‘ Ryu Hyeyeong ‘ well, did you shake by the art, it was likely to shake by the others, saying that it was “because of in order to getting the large-scale love, not miss this love, it is good but one which it returns quickly to the other work in order to not be forgotten wanted me before this first of all the egg agar”? It added to it didn’t want to become like that, keep balance and want. Then, ryu Hyeyeong so far is know Ryu Hyeyeong so far much. Ryu Hyeyeong is not ” it in this. It will be well I Moreu, as to I, one the egg agar seems to be me the most difficult with “it laughs and tells” with me still. The correct answer about I revealed figure which lays emphasis on the identity as the actor, saying that I was unable to find, still. Of me like the end there is the time of someone or I to ‘ man after that, Ryu Hyeyeong follows it is ” someone it is “any resolution of actors would like to become as the actor in the future, whether if it chooses even about like to walking the road of any kind of actor and that is trying to be followed, then the emptiness when rather it was unable to accomplish is likely to be great” It confessed to pledge to find the life before and flow into the flow of the hour. This direction of Ryu Hyeyeong is similar to ‘the room of Eunju’ Eunju character in that oneself is visited and it becomes mature. Ryu Hyeyeong revealed as “because of being the same as me and being sympathized much, the word back which the situation and He whom the people called Eunju punishes install decided to appear” with the meter determining ‘the room of Eunju’ appearance on the stage. Previously, ‘the Chijeuindeo gangway’ ‘it is ever good’ etc. webtoon original drama stars underwent often ‘the synchronous rate dispute’. Was there no burden when Ryu Hyeyeong ind charge of Eunju? As to He, ” Eunju is the very common person on this. It is to maybe sympathize with Eunju, that this Eunju and synchronous rate was hit someone if it learned there is unique what of Eunju in “***” Eunju, or there is not the externally feature. Therefore, even if it supplemented if it understood well, it explained well to be right one. Ryu Hyeyeong who it drew if drew already previously and took the interregnum of the year 3 which is short if it was short It doesn’t become difficult to meet him after this ‘the room of Eunju’ As to Ryu Hyeyeong, the room ‘ of the Eunju this worry approaches to me as the existence like the energy drink for some time. It is to it realized whether I could be happy and it can be positive, when being in the scene not rest long like that like “***” ‘1988 it answers’ after. From now on, another work for was trying to be eagerly searched and it revealed. For the egg agar, the further performance activity of Ryu Hyeyeong going through the course is calmly oneself expected with the actor know Jul to keep balance now.
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