The Seuttik Mi ” brown eyed girls and first half of the year integer comeback The album in preparation “


The girl group Beua girl meets the fans through the album sooner or later. It is about 3 years after 6 familly. Why the Beua girl agency Seuttik Mi entertainment said in the currency “the brown eyed girls is planning to come back as 4 people integer system” “the album the present first half of the year comeback is prepared with the object” on 29th. Therefore, it got to return to the world of singers after 6 album ‘BASIC’s which it brings out the worm-eaten year 2,015 in 3 years. The member Gsin served so far. ZEA and unfinished kept the private activity such as appearing on the variety program or being active as the solo album., etc. Because of being the brown eyed girls activity of in a long time, the netizen reveals the excited look. The netizens listening to the new album release news of the brown eyed girls expect in every kind of Portal site. The new musical composition issue is appreciated. The sisters(stev****) it waited. The brown eyed girls sharing my school years(sooj****) it is so good. It would like to see as the little more popular tune this time. The brown eyed girls ” (ukyu****) ” is really appreciated to neverthless be active within dismantling. It expected, ” (jun ****) was yellow and it was in love. It will expecting, the activity restart of the brown eyed girls is congratulated that ” (pooh****) etc. comment is hung and it congratulates. The brown eyed girls opened the year-end meeting photo to the integer at December last year and made a boast of the sincere brotherhood which it doesn’t hope. Meantime, the year 2,006 which Brown eyed girl is worm-eaten made debut and the car was hard in 14 with this sea route debut. The hit song which ‘My stye’ ‘Sign’ ‘Sixth sense’ etc. is various is announced so far.
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