The triumph club burning sun and ‘the case expansion’ till the sex offense gamma-hydroxybutyric acid in the mob violence


The club burning sun which the triumph of the group big bang is managing was seized by the sex offense dispute along with the mob violence. While the giving information which SBS ‘that would like to know’ is related to this case is gotten with this adverse criticism if the relation application writing comes up to Blue House national petition bulletin board, the case is more expanded. ‘that would like to know’ finds the people who on assault incident happening in the club B of the Seoul-si Gangnam-gu is being well known in the twitter for six o’clocks of dawn at last fourth “2,018 year on November 24th. Moreover, the giving information of the people which knew and are for was waited, the writing of the detail was published. After that, it uploaded additionally on the last eleventh, “‘GHB ‘ (1 people ‘ gamma-hydroxybutyric acid ‘) drug which it is known with the date rape narcotic was used or the giving information of the damaged person the person know about another hallucinogen or the use of the aphrodisiac for is waited”. A Kim Ssi which insists to be previously assaulted to the relevant club authorized person, will burst with ” sequential at its own Instagram on 29th. The writing of the detail that the large sum table people concerned cutting the burning and woman giving information which mixed the gamma-hydroxybutyric acid with the liquor and which the representatives rape came and it shot the broadcasting corporation shooting was uploaded. In the meantime, it revealed “the sexual violence image was gotten on December” “the female victim of the unspecified individuals stops”. The writing called ‘in the slope *** and police corporal *** besides ***, the investigation is asked whether the bribe is gotten’ was uploaded and He complained P.m. 2 on 29th, 45 minute standard participation number is 93,001 people. Besides, the application writing of ‘** club *** mob violence sexual predators punish strongly altogether’ ‘the explanation is needed for the big bang ** club *** case’ ‘investigate *** club which ** manages thoroughly’ etc. is coming up additionally. In MBC ‘the news Daihatsu Economical Clean-up System’ broadcasted at last 28th, CCTV image which the situation of ‘the assault incident cut the burning’ is contained was revealed. The anchor told “CCTV image was checked, it was not one or two that understanding doesn’t go to the police correspondence”. As to Kim, who insists to be assaulted, the people which ” guard (security guard)s help in ‘News desk’ and interview hit the initiative me. It was dishonorable. The men looked up all and it remembered, they told. Since Chang and security guards entered the club, it called on 112 and He reported. However, after exchanging the club authorized person and story, the police arriving at the scene put handcuffs on Kim who is the applicant. The police, as to CCTV in which the situation is contained doesn’t check. It is claim of Kim to report to come out like the earth and be investigated. Meantime, the police “among the investigation with the charge against sexual harassment of Kim who is investigating the assault incident ‘ cut ‘ burning due to the both parties violence, and gets wider in the club” revealed.
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