This Maeri and Qatar cheer.” in one standBe naturalized as Qatar.


The fact that the actor this Maeri cheers Qatar national soccer team in eight strong electrics of Asian Cup is known and it is blamed. He expressed Qatar as the homeland of the second. The netizen is showing the reactoin that it cannot understand “why, of all things, it roots in the Korean spectators seat”. On 28th, in the Portal site and on-line community, the writings condemning this Maeri are coming up. This Maeri observed the past 25 day (korean time) 2,019 Asian football lead net (AFC) Asian Cup Korea pair Qatar game. He cut out the cheering for Korea seat and the problem cheered Qatar in which Korea is not. This Maeri revealed the background which gets to cheer Qatar as “the reason the hurt was received from the broadcasting company the performance activity was done” directly. It appears in the channel A ‘the Deureot show with the rumor’ at August last year and He insists “the drama was taken and the wound was suffered but the production crew concealed this”. At that time, this Maeri spent the several thousand full up as the personal guiding fare 6 million won and cost for the rehabilitation treatment for the scene in which it hits ” Ogomu on the sabee. However, the production crew told ‘it never do eagerly like that’ ‘the performance fee will shouldn’t be given’ and installed. The netizen cannot understand. To root, even if it doesn’t know if it did in Qatar stand, why, of all things, the child who ” (duqh****) ” Yae has the normal accident in Korean stand seems to be not. Why do you dial to the national responsibility to suffer in the broadcasting corporation? (jw72****) ” abuse to be listened. The Mwon concern with Korea with the broadcasting corporation(comc****) it is unfortunate why the conflict with ” broadcastig station production crew is expanded to the whole Korea. Anyway, if Qatar is good, be naturalized as Qatar, it doesn’t dry, the reaction of ” (wonc****) “it is the personal freedom but why does in Korean cheering section to cheer Qatar” (ichi****) “the cheek meets in Jong-ro and the snow Heulgin everyone is perfect in the Han River” (koal****) back is shown. This Maeri revealed the background which it gets to have “all Bwat the article that there is no food which the Qatar player will eat with the Asian Game in 2014 at that time and it is suffering” “the sabee was spent on the thought that it would like to try after Qatar and meaningful work and Qatar and many works got to be tried” the relation in the Osen and interview on 28th. After that, there was the good work and this Maeri was not appreciated in ” Korea to Qatar trust me and entrust the job. Anyone didn’t listen to my word in Korea. The men in Qatar understood my mind and it cheered up to fight to the end. It was happy if it worked with Qatar. The idea welld up everyday and it told. In the meantime, qatar accepted me when the disappointment for ” Korea was so great. When speaking as ‘know the truth. You can understand’, rather, Qatar supported me and everyone added.
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