Till the persimmon pole 1 ‘the man who It becomes the king’, smoothly, the turning point


‘the man who It becomes the king’ gets the favorable criticism of the audience and the cruise and turning point round are gone. As to the cable channel TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the man who It becomes the king’ (· direction Heewon Kim which the script Kim Sondeok installs), the eighth broadcasting is on the air by 16 parts on 29th. The man ‘ which It becomes the king is the drama drawn the story it holds the clown (aftershock device) which it is more alike in the palace than the twins which in order to break away from the people who the king (aftershock device) has designs on its own life and which it starts. The movie ‘ mine pollution the stuff gathering the audience: All Moat the great interest of the viewer from the broadcasting of the viewer with the back the star aftershock device comes out on 2 roles by 1 person the man ‘ which It becomes the king is the originalAfter the lid opens, the drama gets the favorable criticism of the viewer every day and it is sailing smoothly. The drama (MBC ‘ naked Ppeun criminal which broadcasts the hour like the terrestrial implication ‘ and KBS2 ‘ the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2 SBS ‘ revenge came back: First of all, the Crime And Punishment ‘, JTBC’ is hotly cleaned and the audience rating first place is not missed among the etc.). ‘the man who It becomes the king’ started with the audience rating 5.7 % (under Nielsen Korea whole country charge platform furniture standard) showed the increase as 2 times 6.6%. And then it jumped up to 8.0% to 3 times with a jump. In 4 times, 8.9%’s own highest ratings was recorded. 7~8 %daes are maintained. Firstly, remarkable 2 roles by 1 person smoke coming and goes the leaving ship having the king Iheon which is full of the insanity and nature warm is evoking the admiration of the audience every day. Concentrate each time attention into the acting ability in which the character expresses obviously the other 2 characters as if it changes the clothes. 2 Saek romance, that is one of the aftershock devices, is the different mumps. 2 characters had the personality of the incompatibility. The fascination which moreover is contradictory with the leaving ship and Queen So luck (2se territory) and romance of the Iheon and Queen So luck is released and the audience is attracted. The immersion of the pole is the high development, moreover, the reason for popularity. The relationship between the Iheon and leaving ship awards tension and get excited story tightening the heart take the tension and story eyes off the takes off. It is ‘the man who It becomes the king’ pass the mid-section of the membrane integral pole now. The persimmon pole 1 ‘the man who It becomes the king’ can preserve this spirit to the end well, whether all eyes is turned to the direction if the good reaction of the viewer is constantly collected and the successful conclusion can be gained.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744234.htm, 2019/01/29 15:00:01]