CEO it cuts ‘assault incident’ burning triumph and refuse to answer which? “the rumbling of sea, a little”


The assault incident occurring in the club ‘the burning sun’ which the singer victory manages was being criticized, one twenties man suffered the mob violence by ‘the burning sun’ security guards but 28 days MBC ‘News desk’ reported that It became the attacker lot which He is not victim. According to this day report, this male was badly hurt such as the mob violence was suffered and the rib was broken. However, etc the mobilized police arrested the right victim who the attacker is not. The case began to become bigger by the correspondence of which is not understood the police more and more. In conclusion, the application writing of the title came up on Blue House national petition bulletin board. Therefore, it has the shape that it be difficult to avoid the responsibility as CEO running ‘the burning sun’. Because of being the triumph running through in the refuse to answer, it attracts attention till now if how He opens him lips anytime and it is on any kind of position. The netizens are pressing the triumph for the doubtful explanation of relationship with ‘the burning sun’ and police. The Deut to be the men who save the club backing support helping from behind all it is the branch office it is ” police station in-line community and Portal site on 29th The wi there be no reason to don’t know, does ” (ku82****) ” wi cut the tail rapidly? Does the responsibility disappear to be like that? (jaey****) “the rumbling of sea, not, one?it is the personal establishment”(rlad****) Is it to be the country where it reaches that it is justified to assault ” violence? The adhesion relationship that of the police and club wonders. The triumph, explain. (yang****) the etc. comment was hung. However, another netizens show the position which is not understood since why the triumph still concerned in the operation has to explain to the assault incident. The word of ” I it One in which the triumph has nothing to do at all and which unconditionally the club executive director harmer makes a wrong with 100 % This ” (nene****) “with what does the triumph make a wrong?” unconditionally the victim wins it does legally(ehsd****) “it will be the wi what and will don’t know. The police are the most hateful” (skul****) back comment ran. Meantime, the Kangnam police station told on 29th, “it was booking altogether on the suspect and the impartiality is being investigated in the anti-organized crime unit about the Kim and club staff Chang it is the applicant in the police with the charge including mutual violence, and etc” the official position in relation with the case.
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