Change into the Chanhui and ‘the Jjan eye irritation’ space → woman’s heart magnetic pole ‘the milk south’.


The singer and actor Chanhui plays a role of the fresh love sensibility. The Chanhui agency FNC entertainment revealed that it took care of the popularity other gloss group having the appearance and warm personality feeling sweet in the drama ‘the love done as your taste’ in which Chanhui is revealed in orle TV Mobile and YouTube channel ‘the bamboo forest TV’ as formal report data on 30th. The toughness the nature played a role of perfect ‘the purity Goding’ Woochoo Hwang in JTBC Geumto drama ‘SKY Castle’ which the chan is white. The Chanhui leaving the unlike other people sense of presence as the risen emotion performance meets the viewers by 180 degree other fascinations in ‘the love done as your taste’. It is the love ‘of the charisma which it is affectionate and the gloss group which Chanhui is in charge is sweet as been felt from the name’ milk other ‘ doing as your taste. Especially the mature character having the pain in the drama ‘signal’ and ‘SKY Castle’ back which the chan is white in the inner surface mainly of was played a role. One that it shows the love of the peer which it is fit for my age in ‘the love done as your taste’ attracts attention. “the meat is good. Am I good?” which the previously revealed trailer center chan is whiteThe anticipation is induced. Manly figure which 2 the lates make the wet masonry declaration of war is displayed. Because of being the love story of the youths in 20, the appeal which is sweet and is fresh is planning to be shown through the gloss group which as and chan is white. Meantime, the love story from 20 shot man and woman is likened to the food and cooking course and ‘the love done as your taste’ has been being loosened with the food web drama handling the romance of the youths felt hungry for the love. 1, 2 times were revealed in orle TV mobile at 10 o’clock a.m. with 30 day (today).
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