Do you come to SBS 2 month reorganization and number of about of the god?


As to rise and fall of the program, the quality of the work is important. However, the reorganization affects the big effect. SBS gave of 2 month reorganization news recently. The change was imposed upon the gold and Saturday formation and especially new change was notified in advance. The interest is concentrated if this change can work as ‘one number of faith’. SBS “carry out the reorganization which fits to the changed life style of the audiences come from February 15th the major 52 the hour the work and strengthens the gold Saturday and weekend” revealed. The strong contents will be arranged on Friday evening informing the start of the weekend before and the audience will be captivated. SBS weekend special project which first it broadcasted the Saturday 2 hours series is abolished. ‘the hot blood priest’, that is come from February 15th first the Geumto drama, is broadcasted. The persimmon/tree/Geumto organized the drama altogether at 10 p.m. and the weekend drama image from was broken and SBS revealed the viewer in ‘the young drama’ more for 6 days that it will be the Chat agar. ‘the hot blood priest’ opening the gunport of SBS Geumto drama is the extreme comic investigation pole in which the hot temperament Catholic priest and coward detective meets for the murder case and which starts the Eo the soul transient prosperity criminal investigation cooperation. Jaebeom Park author producing ‘kim Gwajang’ ‘the exorcism doctor’ back and ear noises mistake PD producing ‘whisper’ ‘punch’ back met. The change arises in SBS representative variety program ‘the law of the jungle’. ‘the law of the jungle’ broadcasted Friday at 10 o’clock p.m moves the day of the week and hour as nine o’clocks of Saturday afternoon. ‘the law of the jungle’ which starts to featuring the broadcasting in 2011 and has been receiving the steady love is planning to be again reborn as the representative variety program of the Saturday. ‘the law of the jungle’ greeting now 39 number season in the jungle outback exploration of each area on the world is the successstorial program which the domestic article talents explores primally till the south pole. Presently, as to ‘the law of the jungle’, which the island Northern MarianaIs of the astronomical phenomenon starts ‘the successive generations class’ jungle expedition in the tip of a writing brush the Chat child goes to the audience at 9 o’clock with from February 16th Saturday afternoon come. ‘U.S. Beef flank 8-1000’ comes back to the season 2. This program broadcasted at November last year for the first time started the match so that the top stars in entertainment world could find 10 million won from ‘the mystery trace village’ U.S. beef flank and it gathered the high topic of conversation. ‘U.S. Beef flank’ season 2 moves the place into the background and leaves the quiet country fishing village in one mystery trace The actor total destruction by fire civilians leaves Jaesuck Yoo with the first special member in the central axis with the first year members including Sanghoh Kim, fortitude the soul, Song Gang, Sehyeong Yang, ambitious undertaking kite, Dambee Sohn, Suhyang Lim, and etc. It is broadcasted at February 15th 11:10 p.m. for the first time.
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