Furthermore, it tries.


The stronggest memory about the actor Woosung Chung (46) was not movie ‘bit’ but it wants. It was the quite young days to watch this movie. His who got in the motorcycle going the direction and cut through the wind and ran with full power looks is still clear. Unawares middle-aged actor came to the man representing then this youth. The actor representing the people who the youth is not came to the now He whom the year 22 flows. It was the Jongno in Seoul at last 23rd and the Ppalpandong one cafe met Woosung Chung have the movie ‘witness’ (the supervision one’s departure from Korea) premiere ahead. Because the shoulder the rice cake happening in the height which 186cm is big and He wearing the dark blue turtleneck seater here could be said to be the mid-forties, it was the unbelievable appearance. However, it had a seat near and was him the Machoo Ha. Unawares the wrinkle wrinkled on the eye-corner seemed to say the last time. Open the annual ring and surplus was in harmony and the charisma of He was given off. Woosung Chung undertook the lawyer Soonhoh role of the powerful murder suspect in ‘witness’. Soonhoh is hard in the dry and crumbling reality and it is blind with the road to success. However, in conclusion, the existence to has surely to exist in the world at gets to be looked. Woosung Chung appearing in the work which ‘Ilnang’ ‘the steel ratio’ ‘ducking’ ‘asura’ back is strong is so far human after long interval. The character in which it contains to be warm is met and ‘it digested like the glutinous rice cake’ is getting review. The characters taking charge in a sense previously were unable to be free. One’s mind was hidden in order to seemed to be strong. It was much moderate. But rather Soonhoh is of broad width. It is various and the stronger feel takes out in me. This part was much more improvised. It candid, it expressed and the aftertaste of the feeling seemed to be longer. The reason why it was the place which it appeared mainly in a bit caught work for some time and it selects ‘witness’ wondered and it asked. Then the feeling which it gets the time to read ” scenario was so good and it wanted to express, saying that it was the He “it doesn’t with the idea which shows through the other looks, and which it does”. There was the belief about the emotional modeling. Because of like to being well the Bwa week, it got to do and this looks was and explained. The movie dealt the autism spectrum obstacle. As Woosung Chung undertook the girl close friend which has this disorder (hyangki Kim) and Soonhoh station which tries in order to become close, it wondered if the studying understanding the disorder was done. The related documentary or data was seen. It had nothing to do with the movie. It was for ‘witness’. If I studied, it is to be the preconception which it does ‘the close friend will have this attitude’ before meeting the close friend which Hyangki Kim actor expresses. And the idea to study the studying about the autism spectrum disorder for the seeing audience is not the Haet Eo. It was the answer like ‘sweet pumpkin’. It considered for the audience seeing and He arranged Soonhoh station for Hyangki Kim who is the ralative actor. Because of that, it could fall more deeply into Soonhoh opposite. The reason why the Hyangki Kim “the man who Woosung Chung uncle has a lot of the consideration really” tells previously was likely to be well known. This day interview was connected by the atmosphere which the consistently is serious. The idea, which Woosung Chung is deep at the question one by one slowly, all Ttet the mouth it gives an answer it worries So, “how the time is taken off” threw a question for the turnaround of an atmosphere out of the blue. Soonhoh listened to the word called ‘it will be good if the time asked’ among the pole from the representative in law firm. Woosung Chung was due to answer actually to the first question “take off if the time asks”. One which soon after this it questioned in this great deal of rainWoosung Chung laughed when the cafe left with this question. Then, first of all, the flannel is prepared. The soap was needed. It did as the taste, it gave an answer wittily and the press conference the incense was made with the scene of boisterous laughter. Then, the reply which within is serious was put out. For example, I was serious when treating any kind of object, whether it thinks much even about respecting. Much more, I sent the message correctly even when exchanging the letters. But after or, doing any kind of meeting, it had the truth in this talk but looks over the shoulder repeatedly. The effort that it resolves a misunderstanding is done. He told, saying that He was “the effort that the country lets the now objectify” this because of asking “it is not difficult if it is that way” to be “one which the feeling installs as me thing and tries because of because of getting hurt I if it follows it”. But the aspects of that He was seen surely it seemed to look like ‘witness’ center Soonhoh. The bad luck week was deciding on the dry and crumbling reality but the will that it keeps was alike and nevertheless I was displayed. If it can be said to be ” Soonhoh and common-point, the position which it tries, tells seems to be similar. It thinks that what has to try constantly. The effort regards as the weight as the oppression to it is not placed at the upper side shoulder as the baggage but has to continue the effort of as which I can install naturally as the scientific principles. If It becomes the career in a certain degree or it is the age, there is the case where it mistakes as me and career is everyone. It tries so that I don’t may install that illusion. Unawares, 46 years old middle ages It entered the car in 26 to the actor live. One He said the acting life for 20 the recent “20 on is trying to be looked back and the passion of that time is trying to be taken back” diligently so far. Many ones were achieved through the movie in “20 part. The values facing the movie in the fairly fast time seemed to be valid. But it seemed to be stupid in the thirties. Because it is the thirties, the way that it treats the work remains unchanged. It is blunt. It tried this way if it looked back now. ‘what am I installing now?’ it comes to 40The idea called ‘try eagerly again’ gets while the idea gets with a flash. 20 at is looked back and it is trying to do eagerly.
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