Kibeom from U-KISS and marriage 2 years old news.”The new motive power ” of my life


The group U-KISS from Kim Kibeom gave of the marriage and begetting son news far later. The Kim Kibeom conveyed “as much as it comes running eagerly, the Maet royal carriage feels the fruit that when being the motive power which is new to my life, then the family to keep is created, it is thankful for the business” the marriage news to its own Instagram on 30th. The wife of the Kim Kibeom is the people woman running a business in Japan. He could be said to be “the mind which it is unable to give beating everyone it distributing together and roots in the side of the surprising news in advance and is filled with awe even when even when it is full that it is happy even when even when there is the thing which it is hard and is painful even when even when I don’t have the roughened”. In the meantime, the Kim Kibeom told “even if it will become to go way as the enterpriser, the huge mind which everyone awards anywhere always even by will be because of doing any work will not be forgotten, one memory will be carefully regarded and it will go on living” the thankfulness. In addition, the photo of the child who is born with the wedding album put at the photo which He reveals with the wife recently was contained. Meantime, the Kim Kibeom made debut as the group U-KISS first year member in 2008. The solo ‘longing’ was put on sale in him withdrawing from the team after in 2011 in 2013. The wine restaurant was opened on Seoul Seongbuk-dong in 2017.
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