Kim Na-yeong and divorce.” only four years of marriageThe single mom can support.


The broadcaster Kim Na-yeong revealed the husband and divorce directly. It is the Ji 4 year getting married. Kim Na-yeong announced “because the husband and trust believed bodily is broken and it cannot be any more together, 2 sons and new life is trying to be started” the divorce in YouTube channel which I manage in the afternoon on 29th. After that, he is trying to go on living in “while undergoing the difficult thing, I got to move the courage into the nest thanks to this small with the help of the person who is the week to me” ” that place with 2 children eagerly day by day. Find the work which I can do well before and open no filter TV again. It rooted and told. Kim Na-yeong confessed the divorce. Serenely the netizen is throwing out the message of the support toward him. It was the decision which is not easy but roots. Be together the strabismus street ” (shny****) ” encouraged with the children to be happier. It is one which it can do well. Be ” (nica****) “the bad thing wishes to be forgotten and the good work wishes to be full” (king****) ” encouraged because of being the mother. The mom is strong, the reaction of ” (e002****) back is shown. While the begetting son installs the second, the divorce presentation arouses the happy news as the ex-Han nation at August last year to be unfortunate. The husband Mr.A of Kim Na-yeong was arrested for the law violation about the capital market and financial investment industry and operation of illegal casino suspicion at November last year. When being Kim Na-yeong husband, then the charge which it opens up the private gift option company which it is not if S company representative Mr.A gets the permission of the Board of Finance Inspection and it liaises for the reading professional and recruits over 1,000 members and acquires 20 billion won unfair profits against is hit. Kim Na-yeong apologized “the work which the husband installs was unable to imagine with this bad thing as implicated one” at that time. After that, he alit from all programs which is appeared at that time, saying that it was “one the husband entertaining the atonement about my fault properly”.
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