‘news room’ audience rating firmness in Son Suk-hee violence dispute


There is no change which is big in the audience rating of JTBC ‘news room’ which He is proceeding in the violence controversy of Son Suk-hee JTBC representative director and the interest against is hit and there is. According to the TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea, at last 24th Thursday audience rating which the news of Son representative comes out 6.8 % (the (the) whole household standard) was recorded. This is figure which 1.5% point rises more than the day before 5.3%. Son representative didn’t host, the audience rating of ‘news room’ fell on 25th starting Friday on 27th by Sunday. 2.9% recorded 3% with 5.3% on 25th on 26th on 27th. 6.4% which after Son representative hosts was recorded and the rating rise Se was displayed. After that, 6% was recorded on 29th and it was not the particular difference the steps. Son representative reported to the police at last 13th saying that Kim Woong reporter assaulted me. All Hwidulleot the fist it is refused JTBC job was proposed Kim Kija covering this case about was wandered Son representative caused the traffic accident according to the captain of Kim Kija in 2017But son representative reveals through JTBC 0 position and ‘news room’ “the fact and claim is clearly different” “in the judicial authorities, when the Bal tongue awards the truth, it expects”. Claim of Kim Kija was not fact. And son representative insisted that rather, Kim Kija asked me for the employment but he didn’t become as one likes, it threatened. 2 the lates explained the violence or no as “kim refused the requirement, it got angry suddenly and was excessively excited” “it kicks ‘ mind and touches with bangs with the hand all”. Son representative conveyed to its own fan club cafe “the long fight is likely to be started” “all truths believe maybe to make the Bal tongue” at last 25th. After that, “it will not shake, it doesn’t worry” the fan was relieved. Meantime, son representative accused Kim Kija to the West Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office of the attempted extortion charge. The investigation is the policy to investigate the relevant case the collate in Seoul Mapo police station internally investigate the violence suspicion of Son representative.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744437.htm, 2019/01/30 18:42:22]