The cherish one’s memory which ‘the comfort girl harm’ Kim Bok-Dong grandmother eternal sleep… cinema world is hot


‘victim of Japanese sex slavery’ Kim Bok-Dong grandmother reeled the night eye on 28th. Accordingly, the survivor came to 23 people. While the problems that aren’t solved remain yet, all eyes is focused to the movie dealing the comfort woman victim with the cherish one’s memory of the cinema world toward the old lady so far. Na Moonhui found and made a call of condolence the Seodaemun-gu in Seoul Sinchon Severance hospital funeral hall which the funeral parlor formed a puddle is prepared in the afternoon on 29th. He expressed “because of suffering much, the wing wishes to be hung and it wishes to go to the comfortable place and good place” the condolence. It is Na Moonhui playing an active part as the star of the movie ‘the child can speak’ which Japanese sexual slavery make based on the misfire in which the premiere and they shelter and the grandma testifies about the damage in the u.s.congress opening to the public hearing in 2017. It has the actual model of the character that high Kim Bok-Dong grandmother speaks the naked precious stone which Na Moonhui acts up. The actor now Korean translation of Chinese character appeared together in the work conveyed the message of the condolence through this day agency man entertainment “the effort of the Kim Bok-Dong grandmother who has been striving the lifetime so that the Kkeul Eo can present the interest about the issue of Japanese military sexual slavery and it can solve will not be forgotten”. Byun Young-ju director catching the victim of Japanese sex slavery the megaphone of one documentary ‘the low voice’ with the meterial wrote on this day Instagram and the deceased was mourned. ” Kim Bok-Dong grandma was the world all ones shy. Supervisior Byeon was that the truth is having trouble I even dirty one. Nevertheless, it revealed and by oneself was with many difficulties stopped at the first line of the electrical wire and it spoke to the world. After that, ” time flowed and did you undergo in Africa, did you undergo in Middle East, It became the brother and one in which it undergoes the pain which is the same in Eastern Europe? One step was determined with the walking and It became the flag of the world all female victims, He recalled and expressed deepest condolences. The low voice ‘***’ House of Sharing ‘byun director got to form the relation with the comfort woman victim grandmas as the documentary which put the appearance of the grandmas and which it manages with the repeated cultivation of 3 volumes through this work in the mid 90’s.’The majority movie dealing this issue of damage besides the voice ‘ which the child can speak ‘ is low rang the alarm bell against the society. ‘homecoming’ which endures hardship due to the motive in the manufacture, investment, and etc. and in which in 14 time lets the picture which Ilchul Kang grandmother draws walk from the planning to the unsealing in 2016 (the supervision Cho Chungrae) and ‘huh story’ (director Min conveying the story of the pipe part trial which the Bat child applies for the compensation judgment with the victim of Japanese sex slavery related trial first time in history it opens last year to the audiencesThe high Kim Bok-Dong grandmother who there was the silicon bronze) back, is born in the year 1926 Yangsan in South Gyeongsang Province, as to the year 1,940 was pulled along to the age of 14 with Japanese sexual slavery. It had been raising voice in order to receive the apology from Japan since testifying about the fact of damage in Asian solidarity conference for the first issue of Japanese military sexual slavery solution in 1992. The funeral formed a puddle is held with the woman human rights activist Kim Bok-Dong official funeral. And the carrying a coffin out of the house is coming at 6 a.m. on February 1st half an hour.
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