The comparison of ‘son Suk-hee dispute’ with ‘dalsu Oh Kim Heungcook fall’


It is certain to be more doubtful if the suspicion and dispute is hidden. The more there is the popularity and as there is the social influence and the public is famous, the recognition is big, the part is sprucely demanded the dozen line one. It is by oneself clearer. It has the phase which the violence suspicion of Son Suk-hee JTBC representative director spreads to the fellow passenger identity dispute. Kim Woong freelancer reporter opens the record file to the addition and is raising the board of the curiosity. The fellow passenger dispute of Son representative goes back to Kwachon’s one parking lot minor collision at the time last April 2017 on 16th. Kim Kija calling the violence dispute is revealed “after at the time Son representative caused the traffic accident with taking on the young woman, it agreed with the victim”. As to “why it went there”, the character presumed as Son representative replies in this transcript to the question “it is the quite normal work. When the fool comes really to me if this is known,”. Of course, it is one side claim of Kim Kija. It is not confirmed till the reality whether the really young women rode together. Son representative side made the view “there could be no and at the time fellow passenger can prove this” “the essence of one which was trying to ask for the illegal employment through the threat this case”. On the other hand, the assertion that there is separately the reason why Son representative conceals the identity of the fellow passenger is not conceded. ◆Dalsu Oh ‘the victim voice almost one’ 1 year Jjae seclusion-Kim Heungcook ‘the false accusation proof’ the pain endurance 1: It was caused while the sexual molestation dispute of 2 month street theatre troupe Yoonttaek Lee supervision became a subject of discussion last year with Dalsu Oh alleged sexual harassment =. After taking mention “one people sexually harass the juniorities in Busan depolarization field among the actor whom this (gloss) director was taking cryptically habitually in 1990’s” of 2 months 15 days, the netizen who insists to be the victim disclosed “when there is no what has to be said, the seed is regarded” on 19th. The interview was opened at the evening on 26th JTBC news room, that is the day which Dalsu Oh official position comes out. #2: MBN ‘the news 8’ reported the alleged sexual harassment through the interview of the insurance broker Mr.A last year on March 14th with the Kim Heungcook alleged sexual harassment =. Mr.A insisted “it had the Kim Heungcook and the gets to know by the introduction of the acquaintance drinking party in November, 2,016. The between rape which got dead-drunk and faints was suffered”. It denied the Kim Heungcook “mr.A has been met but the sexual molestation has never been raped” after reporting. Several tugs of war over truth were connected after press. However, the Kim Heungcook was kicked out of the broadcasting because of the public trial. Is the case of 2 entertainers giving example in the future and essence definitely the violence of Son Suk-hee representative or the fellow passenger dispute different? Dalsu Oh and Kim Heungcook was hit by ‘the direct hit of the Mi two’ which the media explodes and all show businesses including the movie and broadcast, and etc. was stopped. Since Son representative drew ‘the voice of the victim’ and one side was reported before there was the investigation of the judicial authorities, especially Dalsu Oh was subject to restriction of the defense right. It is keeping indoors in the press report after 1 year Jjae suffering. ◆ the netizen it likens ‘the guiltiness presumption application’ ‘the Nae Ro other fire’ criticism and “loosen by oneself if there is the suspicion” actor Dalsu Oh which are the star which gets the popular love as much as the man doing not know the movie knows. There is a lot of the movie in which He appears as much as it is difficult to take mention one by one all. However, it is not that He receives a evaluation due to the acting ability. The reputation gets through with ‘humanity’ which the numerous co-actor/co-actresses admit until it accedes 10 million actors from Dahnyeok Cho and there is. As it was not of loose morality, his at the center of the Mi two standing sexual molestation adverse criticism was the impact usually. Most of newspapers and TV stations drove ‘crime’ of Dalsu Oh to the fact. The rule of the considered to be innocent was downright disregarded. The curse which rather is the authenticity suspected came to the written apology twice. From the beginning, the charge of sexual assault of the Kim Heungcook got through the proof under the false accusation. The relevant women got the prison sentence of the penal servitude on October, 1 in the cheating due to pretense of marriage and charge of theft which 2 men propose. The someone wipes out the name of the disgrace covered around one side exposure of the press. Son Suk-hee representative was loved with the clean journalist image by the various issue reports oves the form including the presidential impeachment, and etc. The eye line of the people looking at his assault incident, as to the pop star and depth is the other reason. The majority of netizens liken the term of ‘the guiltiness presumption application’ ‘the Nae Ro other fire’ back which Son representative has been making frequent use so far and is throwing out the criticism. As to this reaction, the pula is explicitly by oneself the suspicion the oppression with Son representative.
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