The fan meeting.” only ‘the misfire exploration unit’ Sunghoon Kang partThe problem is abundant in the progress.


MBC ‘the misfire exploration unit’ dealt concentratedly on Sunghoon Kang cheating case of suspicion. ‘the misfire exploration unit’ receiving previously the filing motion to ban broadcasting from the Sunghoon Kang and girlfriend A Ssi got to make the normal broadcasting on 30th as scheduled. In ‘the misfire exploration unit’ broadcasted on 30th, the detail about Sunghoon Kang was dealt as the fraud · embezzlement complaint case chapter surrounding ‘the Huni world’. Suddenly withdrawn Taiwan fan meeting and manager violence were a point of issue the main. ‘the misfire exploration unit’ could be said to be the thing which the manager assault incident which becomes a subject of discussion happens in the process where it proceeds with the fan meeting in Taiwan at September last year. Sunghoon Kang installed Taiwan first fan meeting after the Jekseukkiseu return on March, 2018. It was having the second opinion fan meeting ahead. In this process, it was seized by the cheating suspicion while the fan meeting was suddenly canceled. The performance agency work agent of Taiwan proceeding with this fan meeting spoke to ‘the misfire exploration unit’ “all Maeeot the Huni world and performance contract”. 100 million won including the guarantee 80 million it proceeds about 2 times after 9 month concert won, cost for goods which 20 million won, and etc. was deposited but suddenly the fan meeting was withdrawn. The performance agency contracting with Sunghoon Kang told “the earnest asked to be refunded and it requested. However, it didn’t accept”. The fans were damaged. The ticket on is unable to be gotten a refund. In Taiwan fan meeting progress, there was a lot of the problem. The agency consent checked with the fact that ‘the misfire exploration unit’ is omitted at that time Sunghoon Kang who is YG entertainment position changing into the Huni world. The position proof of YG entertainment and performance consent, and etc. was needed in order to proceed with the fan meeting. It was not delivered. However, sunghoon Kang is the situation where it is denying in relation with all suspicions. Mr. Park who is the registration of businessman on representative of the corporation forever 2,228 of the Huni world disclosed previously as “the name was lent to Sunghoon Kang and sister” “the substantial manager of the Huni world this 2 man” and the dispute rose.
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