The fan Sim of Woochin Park X Idaehwi, fullness, ‘Candle’ The music chart higher rank register


Wanna circle Woochin Park who the idol singer Woochin Park and sincerity toward the fans of the Idaehwi went through, the day is revealed with 29 at 6 p.m. and self-composed music ‘Candle’ of the Idaehwi went simultaneously into the bucks music chart 5 the upper part and nine Wi of Melon with the opening to the public into the standard at 7 p.m. 15 Wi of melon and nine Wi of bucks the tune was recorded as the standard p.m. 12 on 30th. Candle’ is the tune in which Idaehwi writes and in which Woochin Park ins charge of the rap making and which commemorates January 29th, that is the birthday of the Idaehwi, in the Serenade feeling sweet toward the completing fan and which is surprisingly the composition and producing opened as the present toward the fan. The sweet melody was added to the heart-rending housekeeping called ‘only what returned or one, as to the reason/I of the existence of the existence I, as to you, as to the time to repay now with the For You/became for you with the/and the/I shows the mind into the/this song which may be known’ and the Idaehwi and Woochin Park expressed the beating love. “‘Candle’ is liked in the Beuraennyu music formal SNS which it bends Woochin Park and two generations after Eumwongongaeha and it thanks you really. It will seem to be prouder in being the song which will think of the fans and makes, if it was warmer, the mind of the cold winter everyone will be good due to “***” ‘Candle’. The writing was uploaded it loved. Moreover, the writes the housekeeping called ‘the reason of the # I existence’ in the tag number showed more the number appreciation. Meantime, it is planning to debut as the Beuraennyu boys (tentative name) integer in this year Beuraennyu music which it bends Woochin Park and two generations.
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