The Kim Bora and love affair whole story that ‘SKY Castle’ Byeonggyu Cho reveals


Byeonggyu Cho and Kim Bora appearing on JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ sing the joy of the incredible popularity explained on love affair. The schedule which the Kim Bora Gimhye gloss Chanhui Byeonggyu Cho Lee, Yi Donghui this backing up, and etc. will appear as ‘the children of Castle’ feature on the KBS2 ‘the Happy Together 4’ broadcasted on the coming 31st The scene in which Byeonggyu Cho and Kim Bora is explaining the love affair in the trailer which ‘the Happy Together 4’ opens before the broadcast was contained. All Kkeonaet on love affair end of MC 2 people Head was nodded and the Kim Bora admitted “it is right”. Does ” I talk Byeonggyu Cho? Does the sister tell? It said and the attention was centered. The interest about 2 people are more concentrated due to the preview of the short content. ‘SKY Castle’ making video the love affair of 2 people are the Konggae Doe direction Seo at last second. In this image, as to Byeonggyu Cho, the appearance which is trying to catch the hand of the Kim Bora up to was contained. After that, the netizen “the relationship of 2 people are suspicious” the love affair was raised. Byeonggyu Cho explained in its own SNS live broadcasting in this regard directly. The He “everyone will talk that he wonders” ” love, not, one everyone It emphasized to be the real. The Kim Bora said in the interview “it was not a little bit then to advance into Castle and it was the between which there was no number with the children” “in this way, it was amazing to could be tied up” recently.
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