The tomorrow bi together law and Kkweseu churning film opening to the public.’Bloom


The new image of the big hit entertainment new group tomorrow bi together law was revealed. The big hit entertainment put the Kkweseu churning film of the tomorrow bi together (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) law in the official site and SNS channel on 30th. In the Kkweseu churning film ‘wat, 2 Yoo Ssi (Questioning Film- What do you see?)’, the flower is held up and the camera at is stared or it lies down in the lawn and the law enjoys the sun. If the law was bright in the previously revealed introduction film and the lively looks was shown, the atmosphere which is warm and sensitive of can be gotten sense in the Kkweseu churning film. FRB, law, Tae string, and member of 5 Hyuningka which it is the number empty due to the introduction film and photo from last eleventh are introduced for the first time and the group is subjected to the interest of not only national but also worldwide in one body. American Forbes and News Week shed intensive light on the debut of the tomorrow bi together according to the agency. And it is the interest dirty and there is the music media Billboard from the debut such as continuously reporting the introduction film and Kkweseu churning film opening to the public., etc. As to the big hit new group tomorrow bi together, the wind that ‘it is gathered to one dream, you and other I make the tomorrow’ are the idol group in which the boys together gathered to the meaning for one dream and goal exhibit the synergy and which was bright and which is healthy was contained.
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