… the triumph club burning seems to be cutThe reaction which tightly, ‘the closed door’ is cold


The firmly closed door The people interrupting the shooting The club burning sun stepping onto the center of debate to the group of reporters.28 day ‘mob violence case’ which came to report and turns steps was found before. Any kind of story could not be heard in this place in which the firmly closed door greets the group of reporters. It is raised till so called, the problem about ‘gamma-hydroxybutyric acid’ (GHB) back and the case the burning sun which it is known with the place which the triumph of the group big bang manages is more expanded with the sex offense. CCTV image which the situation of ‘the assault incident cut the burning’ is contained was revealed in MBC ‘News desk’ at last 28th. As to Kim, who insists to be assaulted, the people which ” guard (security guard)s help in ‘News desk’ and interview hit the initiative me. It was dishonorable. The men looked up all and it remembered, they told. Since Chang and security guards entered the club, it called on 112 and Kim reported at that time. However, after exchanging the club authorized person and story, the police arriving at the scene put handcuffs on Kim who is the applicant. The police, as to CCTV in which the situation is contained doesn’t check. It is claim of Kim to report to come out like the earth and be investigated. The application writing came up to Blue House national petition bulletin board when this case spread out with the widening. While the fact that it is getting the giving information which SBS ‘that would like to know’ is related to this was and known, the case was more expanded. However, the burning sun visited in the afternoon on 29th was differently empty with the hot interest. The wind gave notice of ㄴ unlike the expectation that it is one in which the group of reporters will occupying a position. When approch the burning sun up to the representative of hotel give the lease in order to try to listen to the story even a bit, then it said in being “when there is no relation with the club at all” the Ttakjal and the cable was drawn. In addition, it restrained and was concerned about the hotel smear on reputation. It turned and faced for the hemp earth. It is the rift valley primally mobilized in the mob violence scene which it cuts the burning. Presently, it is hit by the beating all at one time of the public opinion with the dispute including the coalescing relationship, and etc. It conversed with one alleviation and one reporter was in the scene in order to listen the spot conditions. When telling so that the reporter could try to listen to the story little more, then it did “it asks the reporter to the side” as if it were tired of the same ment. Nevertheless, the reduction told “there is what has to be said but we, as to the police has the number to be asked to the words which it didn’t do the work which it breaks away as the officer from the people from the common sense” “detailed one is asked to the Kangnam police station” when asking continuously. The noise was suggested as if it fretted in the continuing question of the critical public opinion toward the hemp rift valley and group of reporters and the after allmore many stories not to could be listened. Formal report data the atmosphere of the public opinion which is full of the distrust about the police were made against in the consciousness heartburnings Deut homepage and the Kangnam police station which is being in charge of the case revealed the position. The Kangnam police station revealed “when it is altogether among the strict investigation about the steam certain seed and club staff chapter Mao with the charge including the mutual violence, and etc. with the suspect in the book and anti-organized crime unit”. On Chang which it was “after when executing the law based upon the statement of the around witnesses and situation, the moving police has only the number to cover the substantial truth in the investigation department with the handover and additional investigation” and it secured the evidence including around CCTV, and etc. and it was among the progress of criminal investigation and in order to order to see ” day of the accident matter strictly and deal clearly with the case after that it asserted with the victim originallyIt booked on the degrees Shanghai and was investigating and on the around security guards whether to have cooperated is being downright investigated prior to and it added. Gyeongnam police station emphasized to be and “the statement which considers a lot of people concerned as the partner it cannot process by one-sided claim of any kind of person concerned and one which someone conducts the investigation based upon the evidences so that so that there can be no to feel victimized”. When the case is expanded and the controversy is continued every day, then the interest is rising if the triumph run the burning sun offers any kind of position. The triumph informs that it will reveal the position after discussing with the detailed situation and on dispute lawyer at that time. And the agency YG entertainment of the triumph is running through in the refuse to answer. Presently, as much as it is the situation where it is doing Kim asserting as the victim and confrontation of which Chang is sharp, eye and ear are leaning to the police investigation result to cover right and wrong.
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