The triumph club burning sun and ‘it is most hot and is most hot’… truth with the assault incident?


The club burning sun which the group big bang member triumph (29) is managing So called, that place that rose as ‘the club which it is most hot’ and has been receiving the interest was eminent in the center of debate now. MBC ‘News desk’ reported the incident of violent attack occurring in the burning sun on 28th. The Kim certain family (28) insisted according to the news to encounter the mob violence by the security guards in this club at November last year. The scene in which the security guards have been attracting Kim to revealed CCTV with the club outward, scene, and etc. in which the club chief director Mao Ssi causes violence to Kim were contained. After the police arriving at the scene exchanged the club authorized person and story, Kim put handcuffs on me. It is the situation that it reported to come out like the earth and be investigated. Kim wrote on Instagram and the attitude of the police mobilized in the burning sun and scene was pointed out. The giving information of the feel victimized victims asks him to ” police and club, saying that it is “one to be burst successively”. There is no idea which sees Yaene and which it gives. The national condition which the people who the police and pleasure group will coalesce and who has no trouble is damaged in this way will be unable to be seen and it raised voice. In addition, it wrote on Blue House national petition bulletin board on 29th and CCTV reading request which is most important in ” police and which it is speak was made but the justified proprietary doesn’t said and it is preventing with the private. To overcome the oppression of the dark pleasure group and public power, the power of the press and public opinion was needed, it spoke in the person. On case Kangnam police station presented this day report material and revealed “it is investigating farely altogether with the suspect about the Kim and Chang with the charge including mutual violence, and etc. in the book and anti-organized crime unit”. After that, it explained “the moving police Gwan 4 people separated mutually the person involved in the accident and witnesses including suspect, and etc. and the statement to was listened” “because there was the statement that Kim assaulted the personal information confirmation rejection and security guard and it caused the disturbance and the related historical fact was trying to be confirmed but Kim caused a scare and it arrested for the work disturbance”. The prize where there is until the damage statement that it hit and, “the sinker, as to the wood-boy measure including damage prevention, and etc. was the priority as the policeman moved out on the spot at the time. Kim was doing the work disturbance with the power rather than the case was accurately stated in the police such as inserting the verbal abuse and Goseong into the surrounding and kicking the garbage bag in the club entrance., etc” the security guards in ” aroundIt was Hwang. The police expatiated in this to be one ” which gets to arrest Kim for the current criminal unavoidably. In addition, the policy was shown. After edaily star In obtained CCTV from Chang additionally and opened. Chang told “it would like to tell about the Jeom which is regardless of the reason and commits the violence of the apple” “only, as Kim was shown in CCTV, it witnessed to approach the several times the female customer. The customer civil application was continued and it could not overlook”. It revealed, saying that it was and “the man who there was no victory in the day of the accident club and who can not see frequently” this to be “one which submits related data to the police and takes the investigation sincerely”. Chang is the condition where the resignation is taken measures from the burning sun. However, this majority netizen is this reaction that it is difficult to understand “the police locked the shot in advance” (kmr3****) “with it catches the nape of the neck up to order to the police throw down and not fall and staggering astern it is seen” (didt****) etc. In the meantime, the burning sun was found before on 28th. The burning sun of the door was firmly closed and the hotel L rent the location to the burning sun restrained the selection of talented people strongly. In addition, the reaction of the concern was shown. After that, the finding hemp rift valley was not amicable in the selection of talented persons. The hemp rift valley is hiting against the suspicion including the polarization response, coalescing relationship, and etc. according to the earth primally mobilized in the assault incident place cut the burning. The hemp rift valley position certain alleviation told “there is what has to be said but we, as to the police has the number to be asked to the words which it didn’t do the work which it breaks away as the officer from the people from the common sense” “detailed one is asked to the Kangnam police station”. The Billyeo week know that be increased and I the appearance on the stage and face of ” and name do truly the wi run the club in which the case occurs (operation) in MBC variety program ‘buy alone’ broadcasted at March last year. If it is not like that, it doesn’t trust and reveals. The triumph and triumph agency YG entertainment doesn’t put out the particular position in this case. The eyes between the years old is concentrated if really the standpoint in which the triumph comes clean is expressed.
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