‘the troubleshooter of the love’ Suchan Kim and ‘the storm anxiety’ due to the Momo the land molluscum? (image)


The teuroteu singer Suchan Kim opened the anecdote which it was ahead from the worry to the news in which the Momo land molluscum is cast in the music video star, the day was 30 the Seoul Mapo at 2 p.m. and the Suchan Kim digital single album ‘the troubleshooter of the love’ commemoration of sale showcase opened in the West bridge livehall. In the showcase, the comedian Kim Yeong iron and Suchan Kim taking care of the progress attended and told about the new musical composition ‘the troubleshooter of the love’. The song which announces the troubleshooter ‘ of the love for the first time after Suchan Kim transfers to the music K entertainment It is exciting of the house rhythm and the exciting other strong other sound and new feel in which the synthesizer is grafted and is the interesting teuroteu dance music. In the music video, momo land molluscum appeared as the sweetheart of Suchan Kim, the early role was severely accomplished. The casting news of the music video shoot all molluscum to was listened and Suchan Kim loosed the story which it could not help worrying in this. The littlest sister was 14 year old the molluscum told between the peers that Suchan Kim “the youngest brother, very, Da”myeo Haet the worry the news that the Momo land molluscum appears on the music video to is listened” was very popular and it explained. After that, it told “the brother shouldn’t be struck dead, the brother worried to ‘ Momo land fans” and evoked laughter. After that, suchan Kim told that worry about the youngest brother disappeared into the consideration of the molluscum. Suchan Kim added “Because of the brother talking to the molluscum, the molluscum called by video directly with my brother and it was nice and ‘ our fans told and the misunderstanding was released”, Suchan Kim whom it doesn’t appear no more than 96 former molluscums and 2 years old differences is the teuroteu singer of the relatively young age coming to 26 year old this year with 94 formers. Suchan Kim singing the trot after the twenty was spoken in the meter in which it starts the trot “when seeing ‘ Naya of Nam Jin senior or stage for the first time, it thought that it was sexy and was wonderful” “it wanted to try so, ‘ I of was thought and it went out to ‘ Jun Guk Noraejarang ‘ lamp broadcasting programme and the trot song began to be sung”. The place that there is the difference of Suchan Kim as the teuroteu singer ‘ which 94 formers are young Suchan Kim was explained to this “the teuroteu seems to be the genre which is difficult to be appealed to the young men” “one obeying the tradition of the teuroteu genre is important. However, when it thinks that one which that it seems to be important and thinks of one notifying teuroteu to the young people have been opening up this way can be the goal and it can be the dream,”. The senior teuroteu singer Chinyeong Hong was mentioned. ” Chinyeong Hong sister didn’t go to in-situ to the short-term but the Suchan Kim “because of be in the same agency, it can get the attention in that there is the genealogy of Chinyeong Hong senior. However, when there is no pressure,” accomplished the result by stage, I can do the work upgrading the title that it is ‘ Suchan Kim ‘ in orderly manner. The high “it revealed.” it wantsSuchan Kim It would like to become good and comfortable ‘the nation nephew’ it deals than ‘the nation younger brother’ which it has to save just now Suchan Kim who turns the new nest now just now and informs the departure before starts the real working with the new musical composition ‘the troubleshooter of the love’ revealed to every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 30th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744402.htm, 2019/01/30 16:32:13]