Till ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’ and glossary in the learning stress? The teenager ‘the disease of the mind’ (image)


In culture and current event program ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’, cover concentratedly the dangerous actual condition of the South Korean teenagers. The casts put the present address of the teenagers suffer from the disease of the mind as the stress including the study, relation of friends, discord of family, and etc. in the TvN ‘it is the Kkukka of the Gwakseungjun’ which today, (30 days) broadcasts at 7:10 p.m. In this day broadcasting, the isomerism, the parents educational expert and Gahui Lee writer appears. Nunda Na the talk about the glossary which the experts are being on the rise as the serious problem as much as 7 people tried among 100 students of elementary middle and high school In this process, the mental cause and medical treatment method is planning to be revealed. The reason, “it listens what the help sign which it sends to the children person world is the importance” is done, the parents educational expert asserts to this, saying that it is “the problem it concentrates on the phenomenon”. Look at the kleptomania problem of the teenagers because of the learning stress. The kleptomania reason of the teenagers is what, whether the desirable responding method of the parents are what, the professionals tell. Besides, SNS addiction problem of the teenagers is mentioned and the instance of problem and this responding method related to this for is searched. The program is broadcasted every week wednesday afternoon at 7:10.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744422.htm, 2019/01/30 17:24:25]