’20 anniversaries’ activity expectation ↑… Hyoshin Park and ‘LOVERS 2019’ image opening to the public


The singer Hyoshin Park meeting the debut in the 20th anniversary commemorated this year and the image ‘LOVERS 2019’ directing directly was introduced. Hyoshin Park agency glove box entertainment introduced the image of the quantity of the White heat minutes 30 seconds of the theme called ‘LOVERS 2019’ through the mid-day official channel on 31st. “WHERE IS…”The image begining with the phrases is including the scene of the variety. Hyoshin Park artist who it hits against the public explosive interest from ” New Year early and who is expects any kind of musical nap with the subject that it is ‘ love ‘ in 2019, saying that the representative of agency is “the schedule which one year to been putting the will of the artist and message on the occasion of 20 anniversaries of debut being warm spreads the activity handing over the warmth and love and hope” this if it is the steps. It asked to have and watch and made a request. This image is the image informing the various activity which Hyoshin Park meeting the debut in the 20th anniversary shows this year before. Being warm with the subject that it is ‘love’ to the public the intention of the artist that it will hand over the wish was contained. The aspects of Hyoshin Park which especially the image the end steps to somewhere raises the expectancy about the pass which He will show this year. Of course, the new aspect was satisfactorily shown as the participation and ‘creative diretor’ as the artist from the image plan till the directing such as the teaser inside of image calligraphy work hosted Hyoshin Park directly, etc. The curiosity rises if the theme that it is ‘love’ is solved by any form this year. The musician Jaeil Chung who is the musical colleague of Hyoshin Park when being the same member in agency ind charge of and the music of this image raised the percentage of completion and degree of concentration. It looks forward if the breathing of 2 artists connected from ‘wild flowers’ announced in 2014 is completed in this year with any kind of music. The agency the image opening to the public, simultaneously, all Yeoreot ‘LOVERS 2019’ homepage The image revealed this time can meet in the various channel including the glove box entertainment formal YouTube account as well as the homepage, and etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744504.htm, 2019/01/31 13:54:46]