‘gangway’ Sung Dongil ” this paper weight smoke? My property Geolget everyone “.’Surprisingly.


The actor Sung Dongil foretold drastically the change in acting style of this paper weight in ‘gangway’, OCN dramatic cinema ‘gangway’ (the script Namsanguk · direction shucked shellfish mistake) production presentation opened with 31 with the day in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Reumereudiang hotel afternoon. All Nanwot the story about the art the shucked shellfish mistake PD and actor this in charge of direction paper weight, Sung Dongil, Hwayeong Lim, and Kyonghoh Yoon which attend in the production presentation As to ‘gangway’, sanguk Nam author who the shucked shellfish right PD of the movie ‘white Night’ writes the direction the drama ‘TEN only the special event exclusive charge’ with the hard-boiled trace thriller drawing the details of people anchor Woohyun Kang (this paper weight) which is caught by the trap which OCN cannot be well known shocking kept the script. The story like the movie which it cannot experience easily in the everyday is planning to spread in the exquisite development of the drama. This paper weight kept the representative anchor Woohyun Kang of the Republic of Korea has been succeed the first place of for several years journalist reliability among the pole. Woohyun Kang was the social respect and harmonious family and peaceful figure who is seen as if it had the world all ones all. But it is crazy about ‘trap’ which it is unable to expect one day and it sets beyond the hell. Although it sees in the preview, the rough between forest and field of reeds is scattered and this paper weight is walked, or the scene which is desperate and dangerous of is frequently played a role such as while It becomes the bloodiness, being exhausted and feeling pain in the crossroad of life and death., etc. Besides, the nap urgent as the head of a family traced the rear of the case to the end in order to keep is displayed and the hot rolling is performed. See among “when I saw, it challenges the role which maybe it doesn’t try never once so far and this paper weight is the change in acting style equal to one as ‘ gangway ‘” ” shooting that this paper weight acts and the Sung Dongil can see in this. Did you risk life and limb? The idea was almost to get and the smoke passion of this paper weight was praised highly. After that, it added the Sung Dongil “the character was not produced digesting really well the character that this paper weight is Woohyun Kang and having from the first time the actor that it is this paper weight in mind to the supervisor, and it was almost to ask” and the expectation was evoked. It told “the action scene was frequently tried at the former times. However, as to thriller, ‘ gangway ‘ is the first time” when it makes the ether “the scene which shed most much (with the make up) blood and uses the gun and knife among the work acted so far of was played a role” and the strong change in acting style in the hard-boiled trace thriller ‘gangway’ was expected. Besides, however the surprisingly amazing inversion spreads in the pole mid-section “it was the man Woohyun Kang who was caught by the trap and loses all ones. However, because I played a role of the position in which it has done continuously, the acting which was suffer and which it does the reaction was principal to entrust nearly to the partner and bother”. At this time there are many I in my role. It said that it put an emphasis and they acted and the drama points of interest was introduced. ‘the dramatic cinema’ genre ‘gangway’ is not ‘the kinematic model drama’ The shucked shellfish mistake PD who in charge of direction and takes charge explained “when getting to know, the will that it plays the challenge of which OCN channel is cinematic revealed this work strongly at first time” “because of being the work prepared with the movie, originally the root itself this work is the movie”. After that, it was “it can think that movie was again made into the drama of 7 volumes. It is the drama in which the cinematic access is strong differentiated from the drama in which it is different in the point” the pride dirty. It thinks that drama is not and the movie is watched as much as the time when the shucked shellfish right PD will see “‘ gangway ‘ and the fire can be put out and it can connive. ‘ gangway ‘ which it wishes not to prepare and the popcorn makes a request because instead, it is startled all of a sudden and it can turn upside down. Broadcast the drama on the ninth of next month at 10:20 p.m. for the first time.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744531.htm, 2019/01/31 15:49:20]