If ‘the half of Ppaeng’ which the light is good was trying to be well to the end sweet.


The new work of ‘chinatown’ Hahn, Han Junhui director, combination of the Ryujun heat Cho Jung-suk Chunga Yum Jeon Hye-jin making the actor ball filial duty, and lid opened. ‘the half of Ppaeng’ (the supervision Hahn, Han Junhui · manufacture Hoduaen existence Pictures Co) is the crime entertainment action genre film drawing the struggle by oneself activity of the hit-and-run task force ‘the half of Ppaeng’ chasing the control inability F1 racer native businessman Jaecheol Chung (cockpit). After the elite police silver demonstration (hyochin Kong) is downgraded to the half of Ppaeng, the content that the Ppyeolchyeona Ga meets the ace policeman common people ash (the Ryujun heat) etc. and it chases Jaecheol Chung is effusively the investigation drawn as the intuition with the liveliness. The refreshing meterial that it is the hit-and-run task force and F1 racing puts Gumi of the spare audience forward. The movie has been solving a extreme series of cases around the professionalism of the police interestingly. The acting ability of the actors shines. Firstly, one growth stands out The Ryujun heat where it is resentful as the ace policeman common people ash taking the complicated past is the colorful inside of the character and energy delicate. Explosive it expresses clearly and delivers completely to the audience. The change in acting style of Cho Jung-suk can watch closely. It expressed till the talking manner which analyze the mental state of Jaecheol Chung having the unfortunate memory in detail and which it gropes and physical feature minutely and elaborately. In addition, the art is rare. The Jeom that the actresses including Chunga Yum Jeon Hye-jin, making the ball filial duty in the crime entertainment action genre in which the actors play an active part as the leading role mainly and etc. got started to the art front side is really pleased. It changed into the instrumentation priority the soul of the month of parturition leading 3 learned elite police silver demonstration, secret examination belonging to the metropolitan investigation team and exaggeration Geehyun Yoon, and half of the Ppaeng and each acting ability and fascination was sufficiently released and the character was nicely digested. The car chasing scenes the sense of speed overflowing with the plentiful location hunting including the car racing track of all over the country, non-opening national road, and etc. were born. Cho Jung-suk Ryujun inferior actors digested the car action scene more than 90% directly and added the mood and feeling which is vivid in each scene. Only, the dramatic elements in which the other Eo goes to the pole mid-section and which here and there interrupt leave the regretful mind in the degree of concentration. The element, that is the new school, comes out to the crime entertainment action, the audience can be puzzled. The element pouring the water on the rising expectation can come to the unexpected situation and talks appearing besides the element explaining the warrior of each character. As to movie, Hahn, Han Junhui director of ‘the scenario guide’ ‘chinatown’ caught the megaphone. And as to length in seconds, 133 minutes are meeting the audience in 15 years old watchables in the theater from 30th.
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