NCT reappearance and birthday display panel project progress middle…’The deadline approaching ‘


‘the reappearance birthday event progress middle’The birthday support of the group NCT reappearance with is proceeded in the site ‘the Ppaenaen star’ imparting the idol ranking information on 31st. It is the large-scale project in which the video congratulating the birthday of the reappearance is screened at the display panel in many places. The display panel is at the major center of Korea and Japan. The birthday greeting message which the fans fill out directly is put on the screen with the photo of the reappearance. The plan which the ment of 5 people through the drawing lots will be includedThe event participation can do in ‘the star market’ corner of ‘the Ppaenaen star’ homepage I. It is the way that it contributes the sort (point) which the fans gather eagerly to the birthday event of the reappearance directly. If the various activities are done in the site or every kind of mission is completed, the star can be easily gotten. Presently, the birthday project is the status where 19% is attained. The outcome gets attention if Nam can succeed for the period while the event proceeds untill the third of next month. Meantime, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ is the idol daytime ranking site which Deoppaekteu manages. In on April 24th Incheon Namdong gymnasium turned the Deo pack, hold ‘the Deoppaekteu music awards’.
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