‘ras’ Hyorin and ‘the blue crab dance’ are what. The photo is watched. Yipe, (feat The clothes rumbling of sea)


Hyorin appearing on MBC variety program ‘radio star’ which ‘the blue crab dance’ which the singer Hyorin mentions in ‘radio star’ was the topic, is broadcasted with 30 with the day afternoon pointed out the dance photograph which the solo activity danced in the past at that time as its own ‘with a sob history (the newly coined word which calls the ashamed thing if it thinks of shameful my thing long ago now) photograph’. As to this day Hyorin, ‘ with a sob history ‘ photo is repeatedly taken when doing ” what eagerly. So, it intended to don’t to do eagerly and be beautiful. However, if it rose to the stage, it was in trouble, that stood up and it was distressed in reality. MC Taehyun Cha was trying to open ‘the blue crab dance’ photo of Hyorin to this. Hyorin permitted “it can open”. freely. However, MC watched the photo dissuaded the opening of photo and firstly, the Taehyun Cha “it cannot open for Hyorin” the picture materials was 2 broken into pieces. In this way, ‘the blue crab dance’ photo of Hyorin was not revealed. Then ‘hyorin blue crab’ began to be in on-line Portal site real-time search word ranking after this day broadcasting. In conclusion, after all, the first solo regular album ‘LOVE & HATE’ of Hyorin found out ‘the blue crab dance’ photo among the choreographing photo in 2013 at that time. This choreographing is the motion spreading legs to the both like the blue crab. Meantime, the shown and bold stage mentioned this day Hyorin in ‘2,018 KBS acting award’ celebration stage last year. The Hyorin “the sensation never change into this type” answered “after finishing the stage, rather it was poor at the song and worried”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744457.htm, 2019/01/31 09:50:06]