‘SKY Castle’ Suhhyeong Kim ” actress? The child’s part? ‘actor’ same “


“in the front of smoke, the sex and age have nothing to do altogether.”All Bahyeot the one’s as the actor before the actor Suhhyeong Kim the drama ‘SKY Castle’ endThe drama JTBC ‘SKY Castle’, that is come on February 1st end schedule, is the real comic satire drama looking whole into the desire desperate of the madams from noble family who the husband would like to bring up my child as the top prince and princess in SKY Castle who the South Korean higher rank 0.1% gets together and who buys as the king. Suhhyeong Kim undertook the entrance examine coordinator Kim Ju-Young role which it is mysterious among the pole. ‘SKY Castle’ made 5 people including the actor Chunga Yum, Taeran Lee, Sea Yoon, Oh country, Suhhyeong Kim, and etc. stand from the telecast and foretold the acting was already sucked and is brutal war of the veteran backbone actresses. It records till 23.3 % (19 times), that is the Bijisangpa drama highest ratings (nielsen Korea offer and national charge family standard), and the drama is caused because of the acting synergy of the actors performing the hot rolling till 1 ‘SKY Castle syndrome’ as much as ‘act until the vein’ ‘play a role of the eyelid’ works since televising only the ephemeris time. The work ‘the evaluation is gotten’ SKY Castle ‘ showing the potential energy of 5 people actresses All Yeoreot Suhhyeong Kim in this “the success of ‘SKY Castle ‘ doesn’t want to be obstinately expressed in the qualifier called ‘ actress ‘” the mouth After that, the poster which 5 actresses “‘SKY Castle ‘ decorate at first time was revealed and it got the attention. The drama poster which the actress, as to 5 people appears will be due to be rare, the idea that it is bad because it was successful if that was the marketing direction which the production crew intends with “it tells. And” didn’t get. However, it didn’t understand well also whether why it got the attention by the reason that ‘actresses’ is the star and or not it confessed. After that, suhhyeong Kim isn’t the thirties and mid-forties actress actor? The thought was tried. “***” 30 and the 40th actress has the number to do the romance and love smoke if it is Aeu to be not. The idea called ‘why, our backbone actress has to be always confined to the role called mother. But’ was much done, it added. Suhhyeong Kim trusted ‘energy’ which the actresses are able to make. It was “even if when the morning drama is watched, ‘ mad drama ‘ of is so called thought that principal axis came to the actresses and to dragged” and He explained “but, when it will don’t know well whether it attracted attention from the beginning that why the women, as to 5 people donated to the TV series which ‘SKY Castle ‘ is the same”. Although, it thinks that it can accomplish if ” actresses get together to be more. The people concerned will not think like that but showed the sense of frustration. The sense of values which is not affected as to the job that it learns Suhhyeong Kim by not only sex but also age was revealed. As to previously, ‘SKY Castle’, the sensation changed into the child actors performing the luxury goods hot rolling which the Kim Bora (the Gimhye or opposite), Gimhye gloss (yaesuh Kang opposite), and Chanhui (the yellow cattle Ju opposite) etc. adult actor is no less. With respect to this, ” child’s parts aren’t behind the adult performer, the expression doesn’t want to be particularly used. The problem of this ‘not, the milli it is pushed’ is not. If the acting was started if first of all, the child’s part went into the acting only the adult actor even if it was the same actor, it was five years olds of “it is me dirty. And” and 6-year-old child, it added from me as the actor as the rival “. Suhhyeong Kim revealed the attitude standing aloof from the audience rating. “SKY Castle goes well and He is good. In this way, I was selected at the drama and it inspected, however “***” was not eagerly done in the work in which the audience rating of me was low before this. At that time, I ran out the best as Suhhyeong Kim eagerly. It was the always same attitude and I showed the upright values of Suhhyeong Kim oneself who is not shaken by the around. The actor and Suhhyeong Kim that doesn’t put any limit on the age, sex, and work and settles down The next product in which He who is being right will get to select the heyday of the second as the car after ‘SKY Castle’ what is with the acting career in 25. Suhhyeong Kim was finished “with doing me not know the next product yet it is expected as me” “it doesn’t know yet if any kind of art and any role of the proposals come and it wonders and is expected”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744446.htm, 2019/01/31 05:00:03]