‘spoiled Young-ae 17’ hand clapping “the division is included in the mother and I Lamy”


The group After School native actor hand clapping (it is Ri) expressed the affection for Lamy. It attended the cable channel was on 30th Seoul Mapo which the hand clapping is well known and is opened in the best western Premier Seoulgadeun hotel by the hemp TvN new Friday drama ‘spoiled Young-ae 17’ production presentation which and the appearance on the stage impression was revealed. In this day production presentation, ” Lamy which the hand clapping is well known had a lot of the scene shot most the most together with the senior. So as to person, teaching the smoke to me this much I did the beginning “***” to the mother ‘lamy has to enter the division’. I was trying to make and the confession and eyes were captivated. After that, ” (in Lamy the division) I am trying to enter the first members. There is likely to be the number in which the drama gets to use the Busan dialect, that is the one’s main specialty, and which it metabolizes to be quite comfortable. The Jwirakpyeo rock was likely to install the pardise corp. in the future and it was of small but sturdy build aspiration dirty. Buy the joining and pardise at ‘spoiled Young-ae’ for the first time and play an active part in this season which the hand clapping is well known as the new bookkeeper Nasu child character. The drama, as to coming 11 p.m. on February 8th is broadcasted.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744433.htm, 2019/01/31 00:00:04]