The firmness in ‘the alley restaurant’ exposure and consensus than the fun, first.


SBS variety program ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’ has the firm attitude on ‘the editing of the devil’ dispute which becomes a subject of discussion recently. Continuously the performers disclosed and the prolongment was anticipated but the dispute died down immediately. ‘the alley restaurant of Baek Chongwon’ broadcasted according to the TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea on 31st at last 30th recorded 8.8%. This is figure which 0.7% point falls more than 9.5% which the broadcasting records last week. However, the big difference is not if it compares with the audience rating of the preceding broadcast installment. In Africa TV internet broadcasting, ttuksom Broiled eel Jip president Byeongjun Park Ssi who is ‘the alley restaurant’ performer at last 28th pointed out the problem of ‘the alley restaurant’. The Mr. Park “there one is no to be indebted after ‘ alley restaurant ‘ appearance on the stage” insisted. Some netizens pointed out about changing the business to the street vendor in the Broiled eel home after broadcasting. After that, mr. Park has the business “it is the insulted to exchange into the street vendor thing” ” I with Jal. The regular customer increased and told. Of course, unconditionally, Mr. Park for, the broadcasting doesn’t go wrong Even in case of doing as the solution and going well, there is too much but all men aren’t well ready. The edited broadcasting was seen and It became the swindler against the publics, I was much upset with “***” at first. Because of hiting against the public interest and being scolded, it is so difficult. In conclusion, the anthropophobia was visited and the distress was expressed. In the meantime, the reason why it steps forward for the broadcasting “it doesn’t want to suffer from the false truth and edited ‘ the alley restaurant ‘ image” directly was confessed. The western food restaurant president appearing together in the Ttuksom chapter told to be the YouTube “the part which shot and saw and felt will be conveyed and the curiosity decide to be resolved” “the schedule to been making the contents based on the fact and detail that I listen me see”. Like this, it disclosed and continuously the related content heated the Portal site hotly. However, it revealed in ‘the alley restaurant’ “as to the separate official position, when there is no”. ‘the alley restaurant’ was likewise on the air at this kind of dispute with the usual time at last 30th. Even so, the Hoegi-dong mural bed log chapter was tolerable than one broadcasted so far. However, ‘the restaurant of the problem’ appeared without room. It was the cup restaurant. The expensive price and off-the-shelf Kkeop rice sauce, and etc. was the problem. Baek Chongwon indicated “do business comfortably” “the menu and price”. In the meantime, it emphasized “it thinks at the consumer eye level”. The reaction of the audience seeing the broadcasting is various. ” cup restaurant was seen and it felt authentically. ” (nnnd****) “it was the editing to also fight amok in the advance notice” (1002****) “it is likely to be difficult that alley restaurant lasts long” (tpfl****) ” Baek Chongwon is treated as a hero that impatience appears in order to show to be purposely provocative the production crew. The violation of human rights mad drama. The program had to be folded, ” (chld****) etc. production crew was condemned. And the partial televiewer is difficult to have the solution to ” bosses. What is it that it wanted to broadcast no more, ” (pyj4****) ” basic lets appear to be do not? The opinion which demands ” (dova****) “waste paper” (matt****) the etc. waste paper until it feeds Sonsaeng Baek Yokgeu and abolishes is coming up. The most of the comment is the criticism about the performers in fact. All Badat the great interest there is adverse criticism the numerous performers become a hot issue The Tteol Eo builds previously “it came up to the anthropophobia to the depression” the fact of damage in the case of the Ttuksom chapter performer and the voice of the worry about the performers is pouring to the enemy land be well known. Nevertheless, there are the lot of the players of the it would like to appear still in ‘the alley restaurant’ commercial rights for the alley. The light would like to be seen through the solution of Baek Chongwon. As much as that, here, by oneself has to endure the criticism of the following audiences and customer willingly. The production crew shines the situation where the guests punish than the artificial fun so that there can be the authenticity. Can you be reborn as the program which shows the looks to the utmost as it is, and which everyone sympathizes?
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