The getting back together ‘the sincerity arrives’ and expected point set it is the Donguk Lee ♥ induction better


‘the sincerity arrives’ looking forward goes to the new work interest of ‘why Kim Beesuh is like that’ Bakjun PD and getting back together of the actor Donguk Lee and Yuin for the audience with the Chat child. The cable channel TvN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the sincerity arrives’ (the script Imyeongsuk Choeborim · direction Bakjun) opened the expectancy point 3 kinds on 31st. The sincerity arrives, it is the romantic comedy genre with ‘1 people in which the Korea representative actor Oh gloss (be the induction better and be resentful) occurring suddenly to the law firm like the drama one day meets the perfectionism lawyer Kwon Jeong rock (donguk Lee) and which starts’ fake employment romance ‘. The drama is having at February 6th 9:30 p.m. first broadcasting coming to ‘boyfriend’ subsequent ahead. ◆ the expectancy rises in the chemistry of Donguk Lee Yuin guaranteeing the breathing of the Donguk Lee-Yuin and acting ability previous and anticipation and acting ability. The Idonguk which is resentful as the perfectionism lawyer Kwon Jeong rock seems to captivate the woman’s heart with the shrewd appeal. It is the interest if how the various sides of the Kwon Jeong rock really doing not know completely, (?) love with Donguk Lee is drawn. Moreover, arm with the appeal which the patentee getting through the induction which it is resentful as the top star Oh gloss (the one’s real name Chinshim Oh) which gets to do the fake employment is loveable. The expectation rises in the activity of the Yuin which changes into the crystal it is loveable as if it wears the tailed-made clothes. The synergy of Donguk Lee and Yuin is how. It keeps time in the popular drama ‘goblin’ recording 2 the learned highest ratings 20.5 % (the Nielsen Korea whole country charge platform furniture standard) once. In this drama, it had been receiving the love of the love worth of lawyer which seems to be apparently perfect and all people but chemistry which the love is excited of the behaving carelessly romance of the matrix solo actor have never never do never once is notified in advance. ◆ the various characters appear in the colorful character ‘the sincerity arrives’ filling the drama fullness and the abundant smile and anxiety seems to be inspired. ‘the Yamappuppum law firm representative’ Chungse Oh, ‘the narcissism mama boy lawyer’ Simhyeongtak, ‘the timid gold thread bar lawyer’ Kyonghye Park, and etc. foretells the activity captivating the eyes with the unchallenged fascination from 1 ‘the mother company Simkung warm-hearted guy inspection’ over mistake and ‘the girl crush inspection’ chirality gloss. The characters in contact with the succeeded and beat reality including the sunflower going straight other, girl crush character, gold thread bar (the man falling soon in love), single mom, and etc. expect the fun. Moreover, the colorful story spread as the background is notified and the curiosity is evoked. And the various loveline including ‘the U-turn romance’ of the separated sweetheart of the ideal mistake-chirality gloss, reality romance of the late thirties of the place kite-Geehwan Park, and etc. is expected to arouse the sympathy. ◆ the new work ‘the sincerity arrives’ of the Bakjun PD producing ‘this life office’ ‘kim Beesuh’ back pointed out the soft output of which was delicate and warm the Bakjun PD as the last expectancy point. In ‘Siksya be done’ ‘this time student of is the first time’ ‘why Kim Beesuh is like that’ back, Park PD showed the romantic comedy soft output captivating the mind of the viewer. The fascination of the romantic comedy was maximized with the arrangement of the background music fitted for the right man in the right place, application of the sound effect amplifying the smile and CG, and etc. Moreover, the soft output which it feels as it gave the story and fascination which is vivid in the supporting actor character and saved the detailed reaction and all characters were alive had been being seen. The audience was fascinated with the Jeom which it doesn’t miss till the warm emotion which the character has along with the lively smile.
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