‘the landlord face a lawsuit’ leveling “the inspection it worries” The netizen “is the greeting time?”


The news that the actor leveling was unable to pay the monthly rent and it suffered the instituting a lawsuit by the landlord came out. Rather, the leveling “it is needless” opened its own recent condition. The leveling doesn’t have ” that something in its own Instagram on 30th. It is getting along with the trouble (companion dog). The picture was inserted with the text it worried and thanked. He has the companion dog and affectionate appearance in the revealed photo. After that, isn’t the netizen “the landlord gets the worry, and why you get the worry” (ckg1****) “it worries and it will not be appreciated but if there is the debt, repay” (west****) ” something? The arrearages of was disposed before the text knotting, ” (grvt****) ” something is not. The time which worries about Mwon and the inspection bottom greets(yaev****) as to ” anxiety, nothing withers. It was amazed, ” (yana****) ” owner guessed the article, it will be insolent. The voice of the truth in ” (love****) etc. criticism was made since being needless. The leveling revealed the position against Instagram additionally when the voice of the criticism became louder. The cost ” work was likely to grow serious which didn’t explain and which I have to pay is the situation where the He “there is no something, it is getting along in all this home” pay all. It is the situation where I pay all till the others one now. It worried and thanked and explained. The channel A reported this day “it was not and the lawsuit the monthly rent of the building in which the leveling finishes the rental contract was encountered to the landlord in other words” previously afternoon. All Maeeot the contract the leveling pays the monthly rent 2.1 million won in the deposit 10 million won according to the news to the building finishing the rental contract However, it was not and the amount in arrears was known to close in upon the monthly rent to 30 million won in total from June, 2016 in other words. The landlord insisted “20.9 million won except the security 10 million won was paid and about 2 times sent the certification of contents to the leveling. However, the pushed monthly rent was unable to be gotten back”. Seoul Central District Court judged the leveling “the won the pushed monthly rent 2,000 Yeo is given with the interest and the lived house is handed over to the landlord”. Meantime, the leveling debutting as MBC drama ‘the man hanging head’ was donated to the work in which the drama ‘adolescence’ ‘LA Arirang’ ‘the bath house Jip men’ ‘the delicious proposal of marriage’ ‘the parent writing a letter to one’s superior’ ‘city Hunter’ ‘the promise of the cheonil’ ‘no child’ etc. is various in 1991. The producing one’s work is rested after the drama ‘the rose run’ in 2015.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744432.htm, 2019/01/31 00:00:04]