The noon kite, for 5 months, ‘the lowest hourly pay 8,350 won’ part time work story


The recent condition in which the announcer noon kite works the part-time job in the cafe is opened and it is the topic. The noon yeon appeared on MBC variety program ‘radio star’ broadcasted in the afternoon on 30th and revealed as “the Ji, worked the part-time job in the cafe now, 5 months”. As to this day noon yeon, what is the work which ‘ I wants with the meter? It explained that it came to consider, “***” worked for 6 at a time everyday and the hourly pay 8,350 won against was being hit. After that, it spoke as the noon kite “there was not the other purpose, but the cafe part time work wanted to be tried” “while practicing the business which doesn’t adhere to the eyes of the marginal men and which it would like to do”. In this day recording studio, the aspects of the noon yeon which visits the venue while it got fat, as to the contained photo was opened. The noon kite was confessed in this “the part-time job is worked in the cafe and the fruit juice which the customers leave is so much drunk and the years old seems to be sweltering” “the weight was measured, 11kg was sweltering”. Meantime, the noon kite posted the writing informing the diet start before on Instagram at November last year. At that time, the noon kite pledges publicly in this way, and is likely to lose weight truly, saying that it is “a glass of avocado juice in which it abstains from the fruit juice on and after today and which the lunch doesn’t add the syrup” this. The diet starts, the photograph is uploaded with the writing and the diet is publicly declared.
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