‘the starting with the brush’ steel Daniels · Geesung Yoon and LM entertainment new nest


The project group wanna circle native steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon makes a fresh start in LM entertainment. LM entertainment revealed on 31st, “the exclusive contract with MMO entertainment of the steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon is terminated due to January 31. It is changed to LM entertainment, that is from February 1st new agency,”. After that, it added “it promises to run out the best toward the artist having the new beginning ahead and support”, saying that it was “the plan which LM entertainment got to have together based on the close trust with 2 artists, and it discusses advisedly the direction of activity afterward and it decides” this. LM entertainment hinted the policy that it concentrates energies on the solo activity support of 2 artists as the professional entertainment company for the steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon. These got the preferred and large-scale love through the Mnet audition program ‘the produce 101 season 2’ in wanna circle. Wanna circle finished wanna circle last concert ‘Therefore’ which is held in the past 24~27 day Kocheok sky-dome the official activity of 6 months finally in 1. The formal fan cafe was set up and the steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon was started to the real solo pass. 2 people are spurring the solo debut preparation.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744486.htm, 2019/01/31 11:36:14]