Thin ‘the divorce announcement’ Kim Na-yeong The netizen “be encouraged”


The cheer dam water of the netizen toward the broadcaster Kim Na-yeong announcing the divorce is continued. Kim Na-yeong uploaded the image informing YouTube channel ‘no filter TV’ that I manage of the husband and divorce news on 29th. Kim Na-yeong announced “it cannot share any more with the husband who the trust is broken and 2 children and new life is trying to be started” the divorce in the image, the cheer of the netizen toward the courage of Kim Na-yeong determining the divorce with the marriage in 4 years is pouring into 30 days on-line communities and Portal site. Be encouraged. When the word which it will wish to make this chaff well, it does ” (soow****) is encouraged, then it has only the word. Moreover Nayong sister can pass really. It is together encouraged, ” (rhk5****) “it was the choice which Kim Na-yeong Ssi is difficult but screws up courage and the looks of the nice mom is expected with the vigorous activity” (dewd****) ” for is rooted. It be the happy days, be ” (lim8****) encouraged. Neverthless, it is the mother. (zara****) Root. Even by means of seeing the children, it had to be rich, ” (clic****) back comment ran. It is Kim Na-yeong appearing as the face which is gaunt than the appearance the Braun tube showing usually. Therefore, the netizens show the regrettable reaction. The several netizens are so unfortunate. It was the broadcaster who was really cheerful and is bright. (pabi****) it was much gaunt. It eats well, and the son 2 can be brought up, anyhow ” (new2****) fulfills the responsibility as the mother of the trouble 2. Take care of the person body. Why it was parched up in this way, ” (isle****) etc. comment is hung and the anxious heart at is hinted. Meantime, the husband A Ssi of the Kim Na-yeong is arrested for the law violation about the capital market and financial investment industry and gambling place opening suspicion at November last year. A Ssi ran the illegal gift option company from May, 2016 and hit against the charge taking about 20 billion won of unfair profits.
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