Till ‘the violence dispute’ burning sun and various suspicion · national petition from the hardship


The club burning sun in which the group big bang member wi manages and which gathers the word of mouth is under widespread criticism every day. The suspicion is various from the assault incident to the narcotic, sexual violence, and police coalescing. All sorts of issues surrounded the burning sun are settled with the time order. The report in the police the mob violence was encountered by the club authorized people including representative director Chang, and etc. in 25 chance Ssi and Seoul Gangnam-ku Yoksam-dong club burning sun on November, 2018 The police and Kim, rather, the Kim-Chang Ssi the both parties violence investigation inrush after the flagrant offense arrest with the charged on multiple counts including obstruction of business The people concerned which uploads the writing of the title called ‘it is the group assault case which it cuts the civilian mob violence of the police and burning’ and photograph on 15 chance Ssi and internet community on December, 2018 and cuts the burning and insistence it was assaulted by the policeThe Kim “it investigated due to the condition where there is the bleeding with the Gutta evidence bruise which the rib transposition 4 weeks fracture, rhabdomyosis (the symptoms of which the man dies in the torture, stick quality, and etc. in the past with the manifestation it prevents the blood the muscles melts), and right finger paralysis (being among the peripheral anesthesia-inspection) back is serious by Gutta at night but as to I, as to the harmer came” ” sirThe insistence it is the pressed investigation of the Chal, unjust investigation, threat, and violation of human rights Find the people who on assault incident happening in the club B of the Seoul-si Gangnam-gu is being well known before for six o’clocks of dawn on January, 2019 4 day SBS (*geugeoga Algosida*),”2,018 year on November 24th. The giving information of the people in which on the club inside circumstances is well known and which are for is waited, moreover, the writing of the detail is published in Twitter. On January, 2019, 11 days SBS ‘that would like to know’ and additional publication in “‘GHB ‘ (1 people ‘ gamma-hydroxybutyric acid ‘) drug which it is known with the date rape narcotic was used or the giving information of the damaged person the person know about another hallucinogen or the use of the aphrodisiac for is waited” the twitter The time Kim pointed out as the sexual molestation harmer has been being outward taken the other customer and quarrel sticks Haeneuni is not placed MBC ‘News desk’ and Kim Ssi event report “the police correspondence is not understood”-club ” Kim sexually harass the director inside company resignation victory mother Kang it cuts 24 days victory and burning and thank resignation cut the burning on January, 2019 at January 28th in 2019What do it doesn’t accept the arrest in the course where it throws away the garbage in the condition where the Ryeot everyone “-police officer” Kim is very excited and you kick, it is doing the work disturbance and… club asserts the work disturbance damage in the side and it restrains and the flagrant offense arrest ” wi and YG entertainment and ‘ refuse to answer ‘ can write on Kim and Instagram at January 29th in 2019? One to be burst with ” sequential The large sum table people concerned cutting the burning and woman giving information which mixed ‘gamma-hydroxybutyric acid’ with the liquor and which the representatives rape came and the broadcasting corporation shooting was shot. The sexual violence image cutting the burning the obtainment ” insistenceKim and ‘in the slope *** and police corporal *** besides ***, the investigation is asked whether the bribe is gotten’ title writing publication in Blue House national petition bulletin board”represent the club manager in the Jeom in which the staff in club arouses criticism with the violence and express the apology and regret which the sincerity is young” the expression of one’s position it is “the case generated in the process where it deals with the civil application of the female customer who the club staff complains of the sexual molestation damage it receives” that it cuts the burning Informing and, “the person involved in the accident brought to account and managed the discipline and resignation. It will do best for the measure for the prevention of recurrence afterward”. ‘ sir which 32 family publishes on January, 2019 with the former director A Ssi and dialogue opening to the public…A Ssi “because of being in the late time, the assault incident went before this but it is know as one which the wi comes to the club because of the event” evidence triumph and YG entertainment and ‘refuse to answer’ it cuts KBS and burning at January 30th in 2019 with the triumph and YG entertainment and ‘refuse to answer’4 ***s, Blue House national petition letter, and agreement number of people 250,000 people breakthrough the investigation is asked the bribe is gotten in the police corporal *** besides ***
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744524.htm, 2019/01/31 15:20:37]