And personably, ‘the half of Ppaeng’ center large contributing is excellent.


It is the ago in 4. The day and luck which visits the theater to watch the movie ‘syeolpo So via’ with the qualification of the general audience well, (?) could do the director and stage greeting of the actor with the bad luck week. The actor Byeonyo heartburnings which begins to inform the face through the drama was at the front of audience. It had been rushing into one unfamiliar actor “it is late and is sorry” this side. ‘it asks to see so that the movie can be interesting’ remembers the talk of the object one memory by the talking manner which it doesn’t trim. He was the actor Ryujun heat (33) getting the very well known Chung-mu road’s love from the public to the brim directly now. He who held the brace and acted to be feeble and stupid is fresh. It was the unfamiliar face and really the smoke was flowing and face of this was embedded in memory immediately. He like that was suddenly picked out among with the cable channel TvN ‘1988 it answers’ star. It entered stardom instantly. When the smoke of the Ryujun row is watching ‘cock’ pulls out one page of the inner surface with the spoid and it maximizes and the projection and feel that entirely it expresses use to hold in the character. The idea of the reporter person is not, as if this feel is regardless of the screen and Braun tube and continuously He gets the love call and the Ssat agar is Filmography the middle every day. As in small, the work interview learned the Ryujun heat where it is working tends to be frequent. But there was no interview relation with the Ryujun row actor in the interview same selection of talented people everyday. He who was the Jongno in Seoul on 28th and plays an active part in the Samchong-dong certain cafe as the star of the movie ‘the half of Ppaeng’ (the supervision Hahn, Han Junhui · manufacture Hoduaen existence Pictures Co) could be met at last. All Naet the atmosphere which how much is not since the shooting of ‘combat’, that is the next product, ends and one Ryujun row is the short hair polished to the gray angora knit even when even when being comfortable. “did you see so that the movie could be interesting?” towards him the reporter it gets into the interview placeIt said and the chattiness was shaken. The interview field was instantly harmonious. It is the crime entertainment action genre film drawing the struggle by oneself activity of the Ppaeng half ‘the hit-and-run task force chasing the control inability F1 racer native businessman Jaecheol Chung (cockpit)’ Ppaeng half ‘. In the current movie, the ace policeman common people of the half of the Ppaeng slept and the Ryujun heat spread the disintegration hot rolling to the character. There was no won in the current movie, the steering wheel the Ryujun row that there is a lot of concern was caught in the car and driving usually. The He that it digested 90% or greater of the car chasing scene where there is the speed directly “it shot and ran to the maximum speed per hour 300㎞” that time of photographing were recalled. It shouldn’t drive like that usually. As to driving, the safe driving is the best (smile). It ran from the long course to the speed per hour 300㎞ on the control of the people concerned and conduct. It runs and the really many ideas get. The life upon gets to be looked back (1 burst of laughter). It is the airplane and other feel. The speed per hour 300㎞ of the car driver seat is the experience which it cannot facilitate in the life. The feeling is really strange. It was the really new electric conduction as “” actor. It wondered if the grain was much different from the existing car chasing and how the shooting was on air. There is a lot of the case where it is better for the painting to receive the stunt man help than the actor acts directly. In the current movie, the talk that it will be good if the feeling of the actor and character was shown in the movement of the car came out and the actor did the direct driving in many scenes. It shoots continuously, the greed appears little by little. The drift will say be personally done. It did how, 90% or greater was shot directly. It confirmed by the screen. I was so good. It has the Ryujun ten where continuously it appears in the work which the drama ‘1988 it answers’ ‘the luck romance’ and movie ‘the ducking’ ‘taxi driver’ ‘silence’ ‘the little forest’ ‘supervising’ etc. Gujik is weighty from the first work movie ‘syeolpo So via’ and meets the public by the colorful character. He opening the wide acting spectrum in this course showed the andonce delicate character digestive power in the current movie. It is him that the large-scale help came to the line of Lee, Yi Sungmin and acting because of being to build the feeling after the pole mid-section. The latter half character could be dragged because of the scene which the senior pushing the isomerism speaks as ‘it repays and the son lives’. Endlessly the expression and miso were truly the same as ‘our dad’. ‘father’ would like to be not and it wants to call as ‘dad’ (smile). The feeling toward the father and character of the character could be utilized because of the acting of the senior. The character which the viewers can laugh could be analyze. The common people ash which promotes the thought to be stupid and tactless wanted to be expressed. It is the character which is being in charge of the large axis in the movie which the common people who the Ryujun heat acts measures. And there is really the appeal. When asking the sense of responsibility about the role, then the waving one’s hand was done on the word that the Ryujun heat is ‘sense of responsibility’ and it was condescendingly I dirty. ‘it would like to perform role’ the Ryujun heat The expectancy rises in the character whom He accomplishing the large contributing incredibly will draw on the next work already. The word that it is ‘sense of responsibility’ to the sound and I am heavy. It seems to be the little burdensome word. There seems to be the amount of Ba taken charge in each role including the movie, life, actor, son, and etc. It will don’t know whether how my smoke was guessed but in order to finish the share, it tried. It is the mind that it would like to do the given lot well.
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