“hit much against the new year’s luck” in the New Year’s ceremony, that is Songhae and comedy supervision by association comedy,


“hit much against everyone new year’s luck which love Hoobae will get.” The people MC Songhae attended before the New Year holidays in the had comedian New Year’s ceremony and the juniors of about 200 person and New Year’s well-wishing remarks were divided. As to the New Year’s ceremony, as to this year, (four) Korea Broadcasting System comedian society and Korea broadcast performer labor union comedy branch progressed for the broadcasting comedy activation and welfare improvement and harmony solidarity in the beginning of the year as the had yearly event in Seoul Taebang-dong Navy Hotel Grand Ballroom every year on January 31st. This day Songhae revealed “colleague’s junior who does the appearing in TV so that the long period can be fine gets, it thanks truly” “the one, for long, everyone and microphone which the health permits would like to be caught up to” the desire in the New Year’s speech. The Korean comedy association Yungsu Eom president supervising the event told “song teacher isn’t crawling the public cultural circle as well as the comedy community across the pride in the point that it is the active service broadcaster who there is most a lot of the age in all to all juniors” “if when it was eminent as the always healthy looks in our side and was, it will be good”. The New Year’s ceremony proceeding from 6 p.m divided from the total 4 including the happy time, and etc. and was variously connected with the person of merit world. The cheerful time of the comic actor with was wittily proceeded and Kim bell seat especially taking care of the happy time MC got the profuse hand clapping. The Nam Bowon was strange and the Lim Haryong Yeonchung Bae Yungsu Eom Lee Yong keun Son Kyung-Soo Kim kind seat Hwang Kisoon Kim kind Ha, and etc. attended without exception including Songhae. The broadcasting entertainment company and representatives of the sponsor including Jayeon Lee the chairman of the mantissa society and Korea broadcast performer labor union Junmao Kim president, the former MBC manufacture director of the headquarter Suyeol Yoo, and etc. glorified the seat. The chisel attempted the performance in which the gag concert generation juniors climbed on stage before the Lunar New Year’s Day and which performed a New Year’s bow to the seniors and which gets the handsel the attention.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744592.htm, 2019/02/01 09:01:01]